Preview the upcoming November Product Release.

What’s changing?

Customer journeys, or workflows, are now created within the Create campaign section of the main navigation area of each project. Previously, this will have been done via the Maxautomation option under Campaigns.

What does this mean for me?

Having the journey builder directly inside the campaign creation suite brings benefits like:

      • Recurring journey starts from matching profile segments
      • Schedule a journey to go live on a future date
      • Segment profiles before they enter a journey so only the users you want are enrolled
      • See journey stats directly in XP campaigns (with even more to come in this area over the next couple of releases)

What do I need to do?

The only thing you need to be aware of is when you log into Xtremepush after the update, the Maxautomation option under Campaigns in the main navigation will be gone, and you will instead find your workflows will have been converted into Multi-Stage Journey Campaigns.

For each workflow you had in the Maxautomation list, you will now find a campaign in the correct place based on its current status:

      • Currently running = Live Campaigns
      • Currently paused (with previous journeys) = Past Campaigns
      • Currently paused (no previous journeys) = Draft Campaigns

Campaigns will have been given the name of the workflow and opening them up you’ll see there is a new Workflow tab where you can view and edit the workflow itself.

All previous data will be retained in the workflow and for now you will be able to see the reporting in the workflow as you could before (we have plans to bring full analytics into the campaign analytics section in the coming weeks).

Creating new Workflows

So how do you create more journeys? Well, it couldn’t be simpler.

Go to Campaign > Create Campaign and select Multi-Stage Journey as the first choice in the campaign setup.

To see all of the changes and improvements in this release, watch the full walk-through video made by our product team.