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Dynamic banners that add a personal touch

Display personalised content that feels like a natural part of your website or app. 

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Native Promotions

Native Promotions

Deliver your offers in the most efficient way

Embed your promotions or bonus offerings seamlessly into your website or app, avoiding ad-blockers, ad blindness and increasing conversion.

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Targeted Promotions

Use your website and app to increase registrations 

Convert visitors into players with highly targeted native ads. Display personalised offers based on user real-time behaviour across all your touchpoints to ensure your ads are always relevant.

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Visual Editor

Empower your CRM/Marketing team 

Streamline the process of creating Inline Content campaigns. Give your team complete control over the look and feel and update your campaign on the fly without requiring assistance from other teams.

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Omnichannel Orchestration

Ensure a consistent player experience across channels

Maximise the impact of your campaigns by using Inline Content in conjunction with other channels to target players with connected omnichannel experiences.


"Xtremepush has enabled us to deploy Inline Content that blends seamlessly within the LiveScore app. As a result, this has become one of our most successful acquisition channels. This is a real game changer for how we interact with our customers in a native environment."


Head of CRM

Inline content FAQ

  • How does Inline Content enhance the effectiveness of banners on websites and apps?

    Inline Content integrates seamlessly into the natural flow of your website or app, making banners feel like a part of the original design. Then, this approach reduces the likelihood of ad blindness and ad-blocker interference, ensuring that your promotions and offers are more effectively noticed and engaged with by users. The personalised nature of these banners, tailored to fit the look and feel of your platform, significantly increases conversion rates.

  • What role does Inline Content play in increasing registrations through targeted promotions?

    Inline Content is essential for converting visitors into players, especially through targeted promotions. Through displaying personalised offers based on real-time user behaviour, Inline Content ensures that each ad is relevant to the user's current interests and needs. Such relevance boosts the likelihood of registration, as users are more inclined to respond to offers that align with their immediate preferences and actions.

  • How does the Visual Editor empower marketing teams in creating Inline Content campaigns?

    The Visual Editor streamlines the process of creating Inline Content campaigns, granting marketing teams complete control over the design and messaging. This tool allows for real-time updates and adjustments without needing technical support from other teams. It naturally empowers marketers to quickly respond to changing trends and user behaviours, ensuring that campaigns remain effective and timely.

  • Can Inline Content be integrated into an omnichannel marketing strategy?

    Without a doubt. Inline Content is a key component of an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. Using Inline Content in conjunction with other channels, such as push notifications or email marketing, you can create a cohesive and consistent player experience. As a result, messaging is synchronized across all platforms, maximizing the impact of your campaigns and reinforcing your brand message.

  • What makes Inline Content a preferred choice over traditional advertising methods?

    Inline Content offers several advantages over traditional advertising methods. Its ability to blend seamlessly into the user's browsing or app experience reduces resistance and increases engagement. Unlike traditional ads, which can be intrusive and disrupt the user experience, Inline Content feels like a natural part of the platform, enhancing the user's journey rather than interrupting it. This leads to higher engagement rates and a more positive perception of your brand.