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Get Ahead of the Game With InfinityAI

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InfinityAI: Unlock revenue growth and player loyalty with predictive insights.

Best Model For your Data-1

Adaptive AI

Get the best model for your data

Our Adaptive AI automatically identifies the best-performing model for your unique data and use case and provides complete flexibility to customise the model on the fly for unparalleled results.

Unbox the Black Box-1

Explainable AI (XAI)

Unbox the black-box

Infinity AI offers complete visibility into the model evaluation process, key drivers and metrics, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence.  

Performance on Autopilot-1

AI Autopilot - available later in 2024

Performance on autopilot

Our AI Autopilot constantly compares the performance of your deployed models against other available models. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re always working with the best model available.

Launch Predictive campaigns

Plug & Play Models

Launch predictive campaigns in no time

Select from our extensive library of ready-made models anyone can effortlessly deploy to prevent player churn, identify high-value players, and more, leading to increased retention and lifetime value. 

Get Ahead of the Game With InfinityAI

Turn visitors into loyal players with one unified solution.

Discover Selected Models

Propensity Modelling

Predict the likelihood of specific behaviour and actions such as churn, purchase, placing a bet, self-exclusion, interacting with your special offers and many more.

Value Modelling

Predict players’ likelihood of staying active, their expected number of bets and total spend over the next 7, 30, 60, 90, and 365 days.


Forecast the number of future transactions, plays of F2P games, active users and more based on historical data.

AI Audiences

Automatically segment your audience based on RFM, New vs Returning, LTV, Cohort Analysis, and more with our AI-powered audience builder.

Smart Campaigns

Use machine learning to identify the best offer, channel or time  for every player and optimise your campaign performance with AI. 

Affinity Modelling

Predict players’ game/sport preferences and cross-promote related offers delivering highly targeted recommendations and promotions.


“InfinityAI by Xtremepush puts the power of AI in your hands. It offers an incredibly powerful toolkit that allows teams to easily train and deploy machine learning models for almost any use case you can think of. Less confident users are guided through the process while experts retain flexibility and transparency without sacrificing deep learning capabilities, and ease of use.”


Adam Palmerini

Director of Product, Xtremepush

Turn Predictive Data Into Action with One Unified Solution

Our platform stores all predictions in the Single Player View, allowing you to launch predictive omnichannel journeys and gamification strategies with a few clicks.

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See Our Models in Action

  • Proactive Lifecycle Campaigns
  • Smart Reactivation
  • Next Best Game
  • AI-Powered Loyalty
Proactive Lifecycle Campaigns-1

Proactive Lifecycle Campaigns

Our prediction models can help you predict which players are at risk of churning and determine their lifetime value. 

By segmenting players based on their likelihood to churn and their value, you can offer personalised retention bonuses or incentives tailored to each player’s risk of churn and value.

With our dynamic omnichannel retention campaigns, you can deliver highly targeted incentives at scale, improving retention and overall revenue.

Smart Reactivation-2

Smart Reactivation

Unlock the potential of your dormant player base with AI.

Identify the most promising dormant players for reactivation by predicting their propensity to bet and analysing their RFM value. 

Use our omnichannel and gamification capabilities to deliver personalised and targeted reactivation journeys, designed to entice players back into the game. 

Next Best Game-1

Next Best Game

Use InfinityAI to predict player interest in unplayed games based on their behaviour.

Leverage these insights to create micro-segments based on predicted unplayed game affinity.”

Deploy our omnichannel capabilities to cross-promote related games 
through players’ preferred channels, enhancing engagement and retention.

AI Powered Loyalty-1

AI-Powered Loyalty

Use propensity modelling to identify players that are most likely to participate in loyalty programs or VIP schemes.

Identify loyalty rewards and perks based on individual player preferences and behaviour.

Launch customised loyalty journeys for each player. Reward completion with personalised bonuses or other incentives, increasing player activity and loyalty.


"Great product, support and results!"


"Xtremepush is a game changer"


"Really great platform for CRM Marketers"


  • What’s different about your approach to AI?

    InfinityAI is model-agnostic with dynamic model assignment. It means that our solution automatically evaluates multiple models (glass-box/black-box to identify the best-performing model for your unique data and use case (1:1 modelling). In contrast, traditional 1: many modelling deploys the same model regardless of the client’s unique data set and the ever-changing nature of data, delivering subpar accuracy and results.

  • How fast can I be up and running?

    With our Plug & Play predictions, you can be up and running in minutes. The only thing you need to do is map your data to our predefined structure and you can start using one of our pre-made prediction templates. On the other hand, our Adaptive Modelling may take a bit more time - usually a few hours - depending on the quality of your data and your specific use case.

  • Does InfinityAI work for all verticals?

    Infinity AI is designed to be vertical-agnostic, meaning it can adapt to any industry. The predictions it generates are specifically based on your unique data, ensuring tailored insights relevant to your specific context and needs.

  • We don’t have any in-house experience with AI. Can we still use Infinity AI?

    If you are new to predictive modelling, you can use our Plug & Play predictions, perfect for those new to working with data but want to achieve quick results. 

    Additionally, we offer a service-led approach where our team of data scientists collaborates with you to design a proprietary model that meets your dataset, objectives, and use case requirements.

  • How does the pricing work?

    Instead of the traditional pay-per-model approach, our solution offers a seat-based subscription. It allows fast-growing operators to access a wide range of predictive models without worrying about per-model costs or unexpected expenses.

  • What are the benefits of using XAI (Explainable AI)?

    To effectively evaluate and compare multiple models, it is important to understand their performance factors and accuracy. This can be easily done with glass-box models but is challenging with black-box models.

    However, thanks to our XAI technology we can easily understand the key drivers and accuracy of black-box models. This allows us to pick the best performing model for the client’s data set and use case to deliver the best results for every client.