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Keep website and engagement at peak performance

Increase website traffic and conversion with hyper-personalised push notifications delivered in real-time.

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Deep Linking

Attract visitors and convert them into players

Drive website visits with personalised push notifications that deep-link to specific pages on mobile and desktop devices, increasing web activity and conversions.

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Speed and personalisation at scale

Reach out to your players with personalised promotions, sports alerts, and breaking news rapidly, ensuring you won’t miss the conversion micro-moments. 

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Rich Push Notifications

Deliver push notifications that stand out

Make your push notifications pop up. Personalise the messages based on real-time player behaviour; add images, emojis, and GIFs to ensure they won't get lost in the notification centre.

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Web Push Inbox

Give your push notifications a second chance

Ensure your special offers and promotions are easily accessible in your player's app inbox, keeping them organised and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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Opt-in slider

Increase web push opt-ins with inbox

Make it easy for users to opt in with our always-on button in their inbox, expanding your push-addressable audience without any additional efforts or budget.



Inbox open rates

“We can engage more users, and our engagement rates have improved. Our Inbox open rates peak as high as 90%‌ with certain campaigns. That’s way above the industry average. It increases our promotions’ visibility, which prompts more people to try them out.”

Adrian Caprita, CRM & VIP Director at Superbet

Adrian Caprita

CRM & VIP Director at Superbet

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"Great product, support and results!"


"Xtremepush is a game changer"


"Really great platform for CRM Marketers"

Web Push FAQ

  • How do web push notifications drive website visits and conversions?

    Web push notifications are a dynamic tool for driving website traffic and conversions. By sending personalised notifications that deep-link to specific pages, we can attract visitors directly to the content or offers most relevant to them. This strategy is effective in converting casual browsers into engaged users, significantly boosting web activity and conversion rates.

  • What makes the deliverability of web push notifications effective in real-time user engagement?

    Our web push notification system ensures speed and personalization at scale. By rapidly delivering tailored messages, such as sports alerts or breaking news, we capture conversion micro-moments. This timely reach is crucial in engaging users when they are most receptive, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your communication strategy.

  • Can web push notifications be personalised for different devices and operating systems?

    Yes, our web push notifications are designed to be versatile across various devices and operating systems, including mobile devices and desktop screens. Whether it's a Chrome browser on an Android mobile device or a desktop web browser, our service ensures that notifications are optimized for each user's device, providing a seamless and engaging experience.

  • How does the Web Push Inbox feature enhance the effectiveness of push notifications?

    The Web Push Inbox acts as a secondary repository for your notifications, so that your messages have a longer lifespan and higher visibility. Web push notifications can be accessed later, even if users miss the initial browser prompt. Through this feature, users can easily find and access offers, increasing their likelihood of engagement and conversion.

  • What strategies are used to increase opt-ins for web push notifications?

    To increase opt-ins for web push notifications, we employ an 'always-on' opt-in slider on the user's browser. This user-friendly feature simplifies the opt-in process, encouraging more users to subscribe to your notifications. Expanding your push-addressable audience requires clear communication about the benefits of opting in and ensuring non-intrusive opt-in processes.