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Boost in-app activity and engagement

Deliver remarkable in-app experiences with real-time push notifications.

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Behavioural Triggering 1

Behavioural Triggering

Maximise player retention

Keep your new app users active or re-engage inactive users with relevant and timely messaging, bringing them back to your app to prevent churn and increasing in-app activity.

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Rich Push Notifications

Deliver push notifications that stand out

Make your push notifications pop. Personalise the messages based on real-time player behaviour; add images, emojis, and GIFs to ensure they won't get lost in the notification centre.

App Inbox 1

App Inbox

Give your push notifications a second chance

Ensure your special offers and promotions are easily accessible in your player's app inbox, keeping them organised and increasing conversions.

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Always on opt-in slider

Increase app push opt-ins with inbox

Make it easy for your users to opt in with our always-on button in their inbox, expanding your push-addressable audience with no additional efforts or budget.


“We have been able to engage our customers in a way that we have never been able to do before. We have significantly increased our number of push opt-in users, which means our campaigns are being delivered to a broad range of players.”

Andreia Oliveira, COO of Betsul

Andreia Oliveira

COO of Betsul

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"Great product, support and results!"


"Xtremepush is a game changer"


"Really great platform for CRM Marketers"

Mobile Push FAQ

  • How do push notifications enhance user engagement within the app?

    Push notifications allow you to keep users engaged with your app. With timely and relevant notifications based on user behaviour, you can prompt users to return to the app and then, increase their in-app activity. Xtremepush allows you to send personalised push notifications, so each message resonates with users and encourages them to engage.

  • Can Xtremepush handle different notification channels for iOS and Android devices?

    Yes, our platform is equipped to manage multiple notification channels, tailored for both iOS and Android devices. This includes support for Apple Push Notification Service and Firebase Cloud Messaging, ensuring that your messages reach your audience regardless of their device. Through optimizing for each platform, we ensure that your notifications are displayed correctly and effectively engage your audience.

  • What are the capabilities of Rich Push Notifications in driving user interaction?

    Rich Push Notifications elevate the standard push message by incorporating images, emojis, and GIFs, making them more engaging. These visually appealing notifications are more likely to capture the user's attention and stand out in the notification center. Personalised recommendations in these notifications can significantly increase user interaction and drive specific actions within your app.

  • How does the App Inbox feature work alongside push notifications?

    The App Inbox acts as a secondary channel for your push notifications. It stores messages and promotions, giving them a longer lifespan than a typical push notification. Even if a user misses a notification, they can still access these messages at their convenience in the app inbox. This feature is particularly useful for keeping your offers organized and easily accessible, thereby increasing conversion opportunities.

  • What strategies can be used to increase opt-ins for push notifications?

    To increase opt-ins for push notifications, our platform offers an 'always on' opt-in slider within the app inbox. This user-friendly feature simplifies the opt-in process, encouraging more users to subscribe to your notifications. Explaining the benefits of opting in through in-app messages or during the onboarding process can also help increase your push-addressable audience.