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The Leading CRM & Loyalty Marketing Solution for iGaming

Turn visitors into loyal players with one unified solution.


The Most Complete iGaming CRM Solution

Xtremepush is the only platform that combines real-time CDP, AI Optimisation, Gamification, Omnichannel Activation, and BI in one unified solution. 

Understand your players in real-time-4


Understand your players like never before

Break data silos and gain valuable insights on every player to deliver hyper-personalised player experiences at scale. 

Be one step ahead of your player with AI-1


Leverage AI to be one step ahead of your players

Improve player retention with AI. Understand the lifecycle of every player and trigger automated retention strategies at scale.

Stay relevant no matter where your players are-1


Engage your players wherever they are

Deliver omnichannel player experiences that are personalised, relevant and consistent across all channels. 

Maximise Player Engagement and Loyalty-3


Gamify player experiences

Add free-to-play (F2P) games to your omnichannel strategy. Deliver instant gamification based on player behaviour, value, and lifecycle stage to increase player engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

Turn your data into actionable insights-1


Turn your customer data into actionable insights

Combine all your player, campaign, game, and transactional data. Understand how to optimise your marketing strategies to deliver the best possible outcomes and ROI.


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Turn experiences into engagement and engagement into loyalty. Xtremepush offers the most complete iGaming platform on the market.

  • Cross-Sell
  • Churn Prevention
  • Real-Time Sports Feeds
  • Deep Segmentation
  • Dynamic Lifecycle Journey
  • Gamification
Frequent Bettor Cross Sell 1

Frequent Bettor Cross-Sell

Despite having a low Bet Value, Sam is a frequent bettor. Since he is already a very active player, he may not be an ideal candidate to receive a bonus.

However, he could be a good fit if you want to cross-sell your casino products. Using our Inline Content capability, you can display dynamic banners on your website or in app, based on customer real-time behaviour.

Out-of-the-box Churn Prevention Campaign

Out-of-the-box Churn Prevention Campaign

Using a combination of Adam’s engagement data, our predictive engine evaluated him as being highly likely to churn. Thanks to our out-of-the-box campaigns, you can immediately trigger a churn prevention campaign to reactivate Adam – and keep him engaged.

Real-Time Sports Feeds 1

Real-Time Sports Feeds

Significantly enhance in-play engagement through real-time campaigns triggered by live sporting events – and increase player retention, bet velocity, and deposits. Leverage in-game messaging and send automatic notifications to Sally so she doesn’t skip a beat or any next step you want her to take. 

Deep Segmentation for Precise Targeting

Deep Segmentation for Precise Targeting

Build granular audiences with our advanced segmentation based on historical/real-time/predicted customer behaviour, engagement, or monetary value (RFM, CLTV, and more).

Laser-focus your targeted marketing campaigns and content personalisation to deliver more engaging communication that’s hard to resist and easy to create FOMO.

Dynamic Lifecycle Journey

Dynamic Lifecycle Journey

Put your lifecycle marketing on autopilot – and deliver the right bonus to the right player at the right time to maximise retention and player lifetime value.

Value-Based Gamification

Value-Based Gamification

Offer a variety of games and rewards to players based on their lifecycle stage and value. Use Xtremepush granular segmentation capabilities and omnichannel delivery, combined with our custom selection of highly engaging games to deliver the right reward to the right player.



Uplift in active user base

“Xtremepush is really easy to use and allows my team to be more efficient. The platform houses everything under one roof. Looking back at the last year, we've seen a 20% increase in our active user base.”

Annabel Fairburn, CRM Manager at Oddschecker

Annabel Fairburn

CRM Manager at Oddschecker

iGaming FAQ

  • How does a CRM solution specifically cater to the unique needs of the iGaming industry?

    A CRM solution in the iGaming industry is designed to address unique challenges, such as managing comprehensive player data and understanding customer behavior. The best iGaming CRM solution offers robust analytics capabilities and advanced features tailored to this dynamic sector, enhancing customer retention and optimizing marketing strategies.

  • What are the advantages of using CRM systems for customer data management in iGaming businesses?

    CRM systems in iGaming businesses provide significant advantages in managing customers' data. They enable igaming operators to gain actionable insights, track and measure player engagement, and implement advanced segmentation capabilities. In turn, this results in more effective marketing campaigns and a better understanding of how to retain customers.

  • How can CRM automation and personalized marketing initiatives boost player retention in the iGaming industry?

    CRM automation and personalised marketing initiatives are key to boosting player retention in the iGaming industry. Automating data analysis and campaign execution, these systems allow for more targeted and relevant interactions with players, leading to dynamic and engaging experiences that encourage long-term loyalty.

  • What role does tracking campaign performance play in refining marketing efforts in iGaming businesses?

    Tracking campaign performance is crucial in refining marketing efforts in iGaming businesses. It provides valuable insights into what strategies are effective, allowing businesses to optimize their marketing initiatives for better engagement and customer experience on gaming platforms.

  • How does advanced segmentation in CRM tools enhance marketing strategies for iGaming operators?

    Advanced segmentation in CRM tools allows iGaming operators to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively. When categorizing players based on behavior and preferences, operators can create more personalised marketing initiatives, leading to improved customer engagement and retention.

  • What makes a CRM solution effective in enhancing the customer experience on iGaming platforms?

    An effective CRM solution enhances the customer experience on iGaming platforms by providing a smooth implementation process, comprehensive analytics, and the ability to track and adapt marketing campaigns based on real-time data. Ultimately, this results in more personalized player interactions and a more engaging iGaming experience.