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About Xtremepush

Xtremepush is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform powered by a built-in CDP. It enables leading brands to leverage real-time data, AI and gamification to deliver highly personalised, lifecycle-specific customer journeys that drive conversions at scale. All with one unified solution.

Headquartered in Dublin, and with offices in London, New York, and São Paulo, the company helps operators all around the world understand their customers and improve player experiences world-wide.

Our Customers

Xtremepush is used by 250+ brands worldwide. Our customers use us to leverage real-time data, AI, and gamification to build, grow, and retain strong relationships that drive conversion and loyalty through lifecycle-specific journeys at scale. All with one unified solution.
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Recognised Industry Leader

We are proudly recognised around different review platforms and leading reports, including G2 and Forrester, along with many awards won for “Marketing & Services Provider of the Year” and “Online Initiative of the Year”.

Our Partners

Xtremepush has partnered with world leading service providers to ensure the delivery of a seamless marketing solution.

We also partner with third-party agencies and service providers to mutually enhance our service offerings.