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Deliver immersive player experiences in real-time

Real-time Sports Feed allows you to deliver in-play sports updates in real time.

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Let players feel the thrill of the game wherever they are 1

Let players feel the thrill of the game wherever they are

Keep players up to date with real-time push notifications on sports games they have placed a bet on. Maintain continuous excitement, reinforcing an uplift in bet velocity and player loyalty.

Guide players throughout the match as if they were watching it live 1

Guide players throughout the match as if they were watching it live

Make your players the first to know when a goal is scored. Select from different sports and related events to deliver odds at the right moment to increase bets and deposits.

Get started fast with out-of-the-box integration 1

Get started fast with out-of-the-box integration

Real-time Sports Feed is a standard integration available on our Marketplace. Once enabled, you choose the sports leagues and related sporting events you want to notify your players on. Then, build impactful real time campaigns.


“As for sports betting projects, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook statistics demonstrate that 66% of bets are placed during live events against 34% of those placed in advance.”

Real-time Sports Feed FAQ

  • How does Real-Time Sports Feed enhance the experience for sports bettors?

    Real-Time Sports Feed transforms the betting experience for sports fans by providing live data with the lowest latency. Bettors receive up-to-the-minute updates on sports games, including goals, scores, and other key information. This immediate access to data keeps bettors informed and elevates the excitement and engagement, all for more frequent and informed betting.

  • What kind of sports data and statistics are available through the Real-Time Sports Feed?

    Our Real-Time Sports Feed offers comprehensive coverage of various sports leagues and tournaments. It provides detailed statistics, standings, and analysis for different teams and matches. With such a range of data, sports fans and bettors have access to all the necessary information to follow their favorite leagues and make informed bets.

  • Can clients customize the Real-Time Sports Feed according to their specific needs?

    Absolutely! Clients can tailor the Real-Time Sports Feed to their specific requirements. This includes selecting specific sports, leagues, and types of events to be included in the feed. Our platform's flexibility ensures that every client can deliver personalised and relevant sports updates to their customers, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

  • How does the Real-Time Sports Feed integrate with existing platforms and apps?

    Real-Time Sports Feed is designed for easy integration with existing platforms and apps. It's a standard integration available on our Marketplace, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. Once integrated, it seamlessly delivers live sports data and updates, ensuring that sports fans and bettors have the latest information at their fingertips.

  • What makes Real-Time Sports Feed a reliable source for live sports updates?

    The reliability of our Real-Time Sports Feed stems from its accurate and timely delivery of sports data. We ensure the lowest latency and high-quality data feeds, making it the perfect solution for sports media, betting websites, and apps. Our commitment to accuracy and speed means that sports fans and bettors can always trust the information they receive.