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Your real-time publishing CDP

Drive business growth with increased reader engagement, greater options for 3rd party advertisements, and increased paid subscriptions – all in a comprehensive publishing customer data platform.

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The Complete Customer Data Platform for Publishing

Don’t just collect customer data. Leverage it.

In one unified solution, Xtremepush combines a real-time CDP, AI Optimisation, Gamification, Omnichannel Activation, and BI, so that publishers and advertisers can make the most of their revenue opportunities. 

Actionable 1st party data

Unlock the advertising potential of 1st party data

Understand and engage with anonymous users based on their on-site and in-app behaviour. Create dynamic user cohorts that can be targeted across various channels to deliver relevant advertisements, promotions, and customer experience campaigns.

Drive subscriptions through the paywall

Convert high-intent anonymous users to subscribe

Understand reader behaviour to create experiences and journeys that encourage readers to become paying subscribers. Use onsite channels like pop ups to supplement email campaigns to create personalised content recommendations to drive subscription.


Engage readers with relevant and timely stories

Ensure the delivery of real-time, personalised content to readers. Leveraging enterprise-grade analytics, our publishing CDP identifies stories and features that resonate most with the audience. This allows for the distribution of news bulletins, live match reports, and premium content customised to individual preferences.


Drive traffic with targeted content recommendations

Re-engage visitors through intelligently segmented web push and app notifications. It targets individuals with stories likely to convert – even when they are browsing other sites, driving traffic back to the publisher's content.


Optimise user experience from the start

The Publishing CDP provides detailed analytics to understand and address the reasons behind user drop-off during the app registration process. With this feature, you can create a smooth onboarding experience, generate excitement, and maximise app ROI through A/B testing and message optimisation.


Transform browsers into loyal readers

With its best-in-class email solution, our Publishing CDP allows for the creation and distribution of personalised emails at scale. It includes tools and features designed to ensure messages reach the inbox, bypassing spam filters. Dynamic messaging also helps re-engage inactive users and pinpoints content that connects with readers – all for deeper engagement and loyalty.


Keep users connected with interactive messaging

Improve app engagement by sending in-app messages that highlight key features and deliver breaking news alerts. Keep the brand top-of-mind for users, especially inactive ones, so they stay engaged with the latest news and features.

Explore the Use Cases

Live reporting

An event website can use the CDP to send real-time updates and live reports to users based on their favorite topics and news. CDP data analytics determines which events the users follow most, helps deliver highly relevant and timely content, and enhances user engagement at all times.

Targeted article recommendations

An online magazine can use the CDP to segment its audience based on their reading habits and interests. It then sends web push notifications linking to articles that align with these interests, re-engaging them and recapturing their attention.

Breaking news alerts

A news outlet can employ the CDP to send breaking news alerts via app push notifications. These alerts are tailored to the user's previously demonstrated interests, ensuring the news is relevant and engaging. This strategy helps reactivate dormant app users and keeps the outlet's brand prominent for current news.

Control 3rd party advertiser revenue

Using channels like inline banners and popups, engage your third-party advertisers with targeted cohorts of users who want to hear from them. Onsell native inline inventory to advertisers, and drive revenue through revenue share with affiliates.

Use 1st party data to understand reader preference

Collect preference at sign-up but use the Xtremepush platform to get deep analytics on reader behavior for implied user preference. Use this data to create segments to target with revenue-generating marketing campaign reader conversion, promotions, cross-sell, upsell, and more



Uplift in User Engagement

“With Xtremepush powering our online engagement campaigns, we have been able to significantly increase the number of return visitors to our website and apps through a variety of channels. In particular, the breaking news alerts have been a vital way for us to connect with our audience and keep them updated about the latest events. The ease of the tool has also enabled us to create bespoke campaigns based on audience needs and monitor performance throughout”


Olivia Ó Dochartaigh

Marketing Manager, RTÉ

Publishing FAQ

  • What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and how does it differ from a Data Management Platform (DMP)?

    A Customer Data Platform (CDP) centralizes first-party customer data from multiple sources, making a unified view of each customer. Unlike a Data Management Platform, which primarily focuses on managing consumer data for targeted advertising, a CDP integrates various analytics tools to provide valuable insights for business growth and operational efficiency.

  • How can publishing companies use a CDP to enhance their marketing activities?

    Publishing companies can leverage a CDP to gain real-time information about their subscribers, enabling targeted marketing activities. Through understanding customer preferences and behaviors, publishers can create more compelling content and advertising, increase both ad revenue and a competitive advantage.

  • What role does first-party data play in a Customer Data Platform?

    First-party data is important in a CDP as it provides direct insights into customer behaviors and preferences. This kind of data, collected from the company's own websites and other systems, forms the basis for creating a single customer view, so that publishers can run more personalised and effective marketing strategies.

  • Can a CDP help in increasing ad revenue for businesses in the publishing industry?

    CDP can significantly increase ad revenue for businesses in the publishing industry. Since it provides a unified view of consumer data, a CDP enables publishers to offer more targeted and relevant advertising to their audience, makes ads more effective – and increases their value to advertisers.

  • How does a CDP integrate with other systems and technologies used by companies?

    A CDP is designed to seamlessly integrate with various systems and new technologies used by companies. This integration allows publishing businesses to consolidate data from different sources into a single platform for increased marketing efficiency.

  • What are the benefits of using a CDP for customer data management in the advertising sector?

    In the advertising sector, a CDP offers numerous benefits, including the ability to track and analyse consumer behaviors across multiple websites in real-time. As a result, businesses can deliver more effective and targeted ads, better user engagement, and ultimately, increase revenue.

  • How does a CDP provide a competitive advantage to companies in terms of operational efficiency and business growth?

    A CDP enhances operational efficiency by automating the collection and analysis of customer data, freeing up resources for other business activities. The insights gained from a CDP enable companies to make data-driven decisions, tailor their marketing efforts more effectively, and anticipate market trends.