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Welcome to Xperts in the Room, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of customer engagement and uncover the strategies, tactics, and methodologies employed by experts in their field.

Latest episodes

Season 3

Ep 6: Cross Functional Chats

In this episode, Will and Kerrie go deep into the challenges brands face when it comes to everything from market position, finding the right people, and how being customer centric is the best and only way to grow!

Ep 5: Content Is King

In this episode, we checked in on the hot topics of 2023, what's on the cards for 2024, and what the iGaming industry can learn from other brands and market places.

Ep 4: All Things Gamification

Will and John chat about what gamification and free-to-play games deliver for operators, how to build coherent retention strategies for players, and the importance of unifying your marketing funnel in 2024.

Ep 3: Experts In Email

In this episode, Will chats with Dylan Rogers, email marketing guru and founder & CEO of Biltong Chief.

Ep 2: Player Education

In this episode Will chats to Jamie Shea, CMO at Strive Gaming and industry veteran all the way from the strip in Las Vegas. 

Ep 1: Omnichannel Conversations

In the first episode of Season 3, Omnichannel Conversations, Will chats with Gordon Newman, founder of Omnichannel Stories and fellow-podcast host. Gordon is one of Ireland's leading voices in E-commerce having headed up the go-to-market team at Lifestyle Sports for over a decade. 

Season 2

Ep 6: Community as a Service

In the final episode of season 2, we talk to Mark Masters, the founder of You Are the Media who is an expert in community building and content creation. We discuss the way marketers can be the trusted voices in their communities and show authenticity through vulnerability.

Ep 5: VIP Players

Experts in the Room is joined by iGaming, growth and retention expert Danijela Slisko. Danijela is responsible for setting up some of the most successful VIP programmes in the sports betting and gaming space so we dig deep into how operators can cash in on player loyalty.

Ep 4: Casino Royale

In this episode, we sit down with Rebekah Douglas, a customer engagement veteran in SBG. Rebekah heads up the CRM team at Grace Media and brings a wealth of expertise in the iGaming, casino and bingo programmes. We chat about user experience being at the heart of retention and how to get out of the bonus spiral.

Ep 3: The Value of Brand Stories

In season 2 episode 3 of Experts in the Room, we talk to Liam Major, Head of Brand and Creative at Tactus Group. Liam digs into the centrality of value in the niche market of D2C PCs, the need for strong brand stories and the centricity of customer experience.

Ep 2: Diving into Brand Marketing

We talk to Peter Ryde, head of marketing for the National Oceanography Centre. Peter talks about the challenges of rebranding a former government agency into a vibrant science and environmental charity and navigating customer engagement in the space.

Ep 1: The Full Experience

In the first episode of season 2 of Experts in the Room, we talk to CCO of Shape Games, Morten Tonnesen, one of the most experienced sports betting and gaming executives. We talk about the state of the SBG industry, challenges, innovations and how operators can succeed in 2023 and beyond.

Season 1

Ep 6: eCommerce The Hard Truth

We are joined by the founder of Trellis, Isaiah Bollinger, one of the biggest B2B eCommerce marketing agencies in the United States. Will and Isaiah talk all things partnerships, running an agency, and the dos and don'ts for businesses entering the B2C and B2B markets.

Ep 5: The U.S. Sports Market

Siska Concannon, co-founder and CMO of Affiliated Sportsfans, joins us to discuss the US sports market, fan trends and how brands can get a grasp of lifetime value. Siska is an SBG guru with massive knowledge so there's something for everyone.

Ep 4: Emerging Markets

In episode 4 of Experts in the Room, we speak to sports betting and gaming veteran and CEO of Fortuna Entertainment Group, Victor Corcoran. We dive into various topics, including the opportunities and challenges facing the SBG industry.

Ep 3: Continuous Conversations

In this episode of Experts in the Room we explore the best practices surrounding customer experience and engagement with leading customer experience consultant, Nicola Fox.

Ep 2: Influencer Marketing

In this episode we talk to Nick Cooke, co-founder of The GOAT agency. We delve into influence and micro influencer marketing and how business can unlock their social channels. As well as a few dos and don’ts along the way.

Ep 1: Fan Engagement

In the first episode of Experts in the Room, we talk to leading loyalty expert in sports betting and gaming, Steve Talbot, about the changing nature of fan engagement and how to operate a data led business.