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Optimise your ad spend with first-party data

Use first-party player data for the most precise retargeting and acquisition.

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ROAS Optimisation 1

ROAS Optimisation

Use first-party data to optimise your ad spend

Build the most relevant audiences for your ads based on player engagement, preferences or real-time behaviour to improve ROAS and speed up the ROI of advertising. 

Improved Lookalike Modelling 1

Improved Lookalike Modelling

Acquire and convert more players than ever before

Use player attributes and predictions to create high-value audiences and use these for lookalike modelling. This enables you to identify and target more high-value players.

Player Reactivation 1

Player Reactivation

Bring your inactive players back before they are lost forever

Use Xtremepush to identify dormant or inactive players and send them to a retargeting audience, allowing you to put the right offer in front of these players and bring them back.

Audience Management 1

Audience Management

Cross-sell & up-sell with Retargeting

Instead of removing players who have recently placed a bet from retargeting audiences, group them for cross-selling and up-selling. This will enable you to put additional offers and promotions in front of your highly engaged audience.


“In an industry where players have more and more options every day, and the cost of acquisition is skyrocketing, it’s so important that we do everything we can to keep our retention rate as high as possible and provide unique player experiences that leaves them wanting more.”

Andreia Oliveira, COO of Betsul

Andreia Oliveira

COO of Betsul

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Ad retargeting FAQ

  • How does using first-party data enhance the effectiveness of retargeting campaigns?

    Using first-party data in retargeting campaigns allows for more precise targeting by leveraging information about player engagement, preferences, and real-time behaviour. This data-driven approach ensures that your ads are shown to audiences who have already shown interest in your products or services, thereby improving the relevance of your ads and increasing the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). It also speeds up the ROI of advertising by targeting individuals more likely to convert.

  • What is improved lookalike modeling, and how does it aid in acquiring new customers?

    Improved lookalike modeling involves creating audiences based on player attributes and predictive behaviours, such as engagement levels, value, or VIP status. By using this data, you can identify and target new high-value players who share similarities with your existing customers. This method is effective in expanding your reach and acquiring more players who are likely to engage and convert, thereby enhancing your overall marketing strategy.

  • Can retargeting be used for reactivating dormant or inactive players?

    Yes, retargeting is an effective tool for reactivating dormant or inactive players. Through identifying players who have become less active or have stopped engaging, you can create targeted ad campaigns specifically designed to re-engage them. This involves putting the right offers and promotions in front of these players, tailored to their previous interactions and preferences, to encourage them to return and re-engage with your platform.

  • How does audience management in retargeting contribute to cross-selling and up-selling?

    Effective audience management in retargeting allows for strategic cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Instead of excluding players who have recently engaged, such as those who have placed a bet, you can group them into specific audiences for targeted promotions. This strategy enables you to present additional, relevant offers to an already engaged audience, increasing the chances of further conversions and enhancing customer lifetime value.

  • What are the key benefits of using retargeting in digital marketing campaigns?

    Retargeting offers several key benefits in digital marketing:

    Retargeting helps you increase conversion rates by reaching out to previous site visitors or interested users.

    Retargeting allows for personalised ads based on user behaviour, leading to more effective and engaging campaigns.

    Regular exposure to retargeted ads helps keep your brand top-of-mind for potential customers.

    Retargeting optimises your advertising budget by focusing ad spending on users who are more likely to convert.