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Turn your app into a powerful conversion channel 

Improve your in-app engagement and conversion with highly personalised real-time messaging.

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In-app Journeys 1

In-app Journeys

Effectively interact with your users 

Design a personalised and fully automated journey to make your users feel special and engaged whenever they open your app, increasing engagement and in-app activity.

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Custom Templates

Create an interactive dialogue with your users

Use in-app messaging to better understand your players at every stage of their lifecycle. Collect zero-party data through custom in-app forms or gain valuable insights through user feedback, improving user satisfaction, personalisation and retention.

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Connected Experiences

Deliver connected in-app experiences 

Let your players continue their journey where they left off. Deliver journey-aware content and personalised offers within your app based on player actions and real-time behaviour stored in your Single Customer View. 

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Omnichannel Orchestration

Maximise In-App performance with other channels

Use our omnichannel capabilities to deliver personalised email prompts that entice users to install your app. Once on board, our mobile push notifications will help you boost downloads, registrations, and overall app usage. 



Uplift in active user base

“Xtremepush is really easy to use and allows my team to be more efficient. The platform houses everything under one roof. Looking back at the last year, we've seen a 20% increase in our active user base.”

Annabel Fairburn, CRM Manager at Oddschecker

Annabel Fairburn

CRM Manager at Oddschecker

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"Great product, support and results!"


"Xtremepush is a game changer"


"Really great platform for CRM Marketers"

In-app messaging FAQ

  • How does in-app messaging improve user engagement within mobile applications?

    In-app messaging improves user engagement by providing timely, personalised messages that resonate with users. Through automated journeys, you can interact effectively with users, guiding them through new features, offering help, or highlighting important updates. As a result, users feel valued and engage more deeply with the app, increasing in-app activity and satisfaction.

  • Can in-app messaging be used to collect user feedback and improve the app experience?

    Definitely! In-app messaging is an excellent tool for collecting zero-party data and user feedback. Using custom templates and forms within the app, you can gather insights directly from users about their preferences, experiences, and suggestions. This valuable information can be used to refine the app, tailor content, and ensure that future updates align with user needs, thereby improving the overall app experience.

  • How does in-app messaging contribute to a connected user experience across different devices?

    In-app messaging plays a crucial role in delivering a seamless, connected experience across devices. Leveraging data from the Single Customer View, you can provide content and offers in the app that are relevant to the user’s actions and behaviour across other platforms. For instance, if a user abandons a cart on a desktop, you can send a notification or message on their mobile app to remind them or offer assistance, ensuring continuity in their customer journey.

  • What role does in-app messaging play in the onboarding process for new users?

    In-app messaging is key to an effective onboarding process for new users. It allows you to guide users through the app, highlighting key features and providing helpful tips. This can include welcome messages, product tours, and trigger-based prompts that appear at just the right time to assist users as they navigate the app. A well-designed in-app messaging campaign during onboarding can significantly enhance the user's understanding and appreciation of the app, leading to higher retention rates.

  • How does in-app messaging integrate with omnichannel marketing strategies?

    In-app messaging is a vital component of an omnichannel marketing strategy. It works in tandem with other channels like email and mobile push notifications to create a cohesive user experience. For example, email prompts can drive app installations, and once the user is on board, in-app messages and push notifications can be used to increase engagement, registrations, and app usage. As a result of this integrated approach, your messaging will be consistent across all channels, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.