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The Xtremepush customer engagement, personalisation and data platform has been purpose-built for multichannel and mobile marketing. We help industry-leading brands to deliver relevant, real-time and data-driven campaigns at speed and scale.


Unify your data silos and build a true Single Customer View. Integrate existing databases for enhanced customer visibility.

Dig deep into behavioural analytics across your mobile app and website for granular insight.


The platform offers a full range of engagement channels across mobile app, website, email, SMS and social messengers.

Utilise an unrivalled array of features and capabilities across these channels.


Nudge customers towards goal completion with a full suite of personalisation, automation and campaign optimisation tools.

Set real-time triggers to connect with customers at the optimal moment.

Engagement Channels

The modular design of the Xtremepush platform means that you can select which specific channels you want you to use. Add more over time as the opportunity arises.

Mobile App Engagement

We’ll help you maximise the value of your brand’s app. Our platform gives you three unique ways to deliver rich, personalised messages to your Monthly Active Users. Encourage them back into the app with push notifications, connect with them during sessions via in-app messages and use the app inbox for persistent content.

Web Engagement

Increase website conversions on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Drive traffic to your website with push notifications, engage visitors with onsite messages and leave them persistent content through the web inbox.


Email remains a core channel for brands across every vertical. However, it can no longer exist as a stand-alone channel. We’ll help you to integrate your email campaigns into a mobile-first, multichannel marketing strategy. 

The Xtremepush email module offers features like “drag and drop” functionality to simplify the design process and dynamic content for personalisation at scale.

Learn more about our cutting-edge email solution.


SMS marketing isn’t going anywhere! With an open rate above 90%, SMS remains a powerful channel to engage with offline users. Speak to customers who aren’t subscribed to your emails or opted-in for push notifications. And integrate your SMS campaigns into a multichannel strategy to enhance their impact throughout the customer lifecycle.

Social Messengers

Engage with your customers through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger directly from the Xtremepush platform. Automate customer support, deliver important updates and more for a seamless customer experience on the channels they use most.

Customer Data & Analytics

Unify Data Silos

Centralise all of your silos to create a single repository of accessible and actionable data. Our open API allows for real-time ingestion, meaning that the data is always up-to-date and ready for activation in engagement campaigns.

Single Customer View

Identify your customers across channels and devices for a true Single Customer View. Create detailed customer profiles based on their online behaviour, previous purchases and all known attributes. Leverage this data to create personalised experiences that drive business goals.

Learn more about Single Customer View.


Our platform offers you the most advanced level of rules-based customer segmentation available. Combine any number of criteria (both behavioural and profile attributes) to create micro-segments for granular, personalised targeting. 

You can also import existing segments and propensity lists from third-party systems.


Measure the things that matter. Drill down into the performance of your campaigns and optimise them for success. Identify the drop-off points in your funnels and address them quickly.

Core Components

Automation & Real-Time Delivery

Create automated, multichannel customer journeys with our world-class orchestration tool, Maxautomation. Trigger messages in real time, based on the customers’ individual decisions and nudge them towards goal completion.

Xtremepush is an official Google Tag Manager partner, meaning you can seamlessly use existing tags and events to trigger messages.


The days of “broadcast” messaging is over. Xtremepush makes it possible for you to personalise every campaign you send. Create message templates using dynamic content snippets and leverage the rich customer data you have at scale. Go beyond a first-name basis, and create deeper relationships with your customers.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Use artificial intelligence and consistently increase your conversion rates over time with real-time decisioning. Xtremepush uses machine learning technology to determine the best-time-to-send and your customer’s preferred engagement channels.

A/B Testing

Our A/B testing module makes it easy to explore new ideas and optimise your engagement strategy. Test your content (both images and text) and send-times to find the optimal campaign set-up across all of your channels.


Xtremepush is a pioneer in mobile location-technology. We offer the most advanced location-based targeting options available. Use Bluetooth beacons and set up geofences to engage with your app users based on their current or last-known location.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR was introduced across all E.U. member states in May 2018, governing the way brands collect, store and use customer data. With our GDPR compliance module, you can ensure your customer’s data is secure, accessible and used only with consent. 

From user-friendly permission management controls to ISO-certified security frameworks, our platform helps you to confidently meet all legislative requirements.

Find out more about our sophisticated GDPR compliance module.

Partners & Integrations

Xtremepush has partnered and built integrations with the world’s leading service providers. Our platform has an open API, allowing for seamless “plug and play” functionality with your existing tech stack. 

From CRM and Business Intelligence systems to marketing clouds and eCommerce platforms, Xtremepush will help you to get more value from your current service providers. We are always adding new integrations and are open to requests from our clients.

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