Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager benefits

The Benefits of using Google Tag Manager

by Lauren McClean • 3rd October 2017
What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool that puts the marketer in control of their digital marketing. It enables marketers to update all their website tags directly from Google Tag Manager instead of editing site codes - which reduces errors, removes having to involve a webmaster and lets you [...]
Xtremepush now live on Google Tag Manager

Xtremepush live on Google Tag Manager

by Susan Moran • 28th August 2017

Xtremepush is delighted to announce that the Xtremepush Web Engagement tag ‘Xtremepush – Web Push & Onsite Engagement’ is now live on Google Tag Manager. Xtremepush is one of 50 companies on Google Tag Manager and becomes the first Irish company and the only certified Web Push vendor globally to sit alongside global companies Twitter, […]