iOS 11 is here

Apple iOS 11: The Key Changes

by Lauren McClean • 21st September 2017

Apple held their first special event in the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park on the 12th September. Every year there is great anticipation in the build-up to the Apple event, with speculation on what new products and features will be announced. And this year was no different. All talk in the lead-up to this […]

iOS 8 and Mobile Engagement

by xtremepush • 17th September 2014

Some of the 200 million current owners of an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C will be updating their operating system after Apple’s announcement that iOS 8 will be available to download on your iPhone or iPad on Wednesday 17 September. Apple has taken a leaf out of Android’s lead in supporting button-enabled push notification and […]

Consumer Wearables, Beats by Dre and Google Glasses

by xtremepush • 20th May 2014

Consumer wearables are hot this season and are expected to become a “must have” for consumers over the next several years. The “wearable technology” group encompasses several types, including fitness monitors, activity trackers and smart clothing. Wearables can include smart watches, fitness bands, glasses along with smart bras, smart t-shirts, wearable cameras and more recently […]