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How to Boost Customer Engagement through Email Marketing

by Ben Doggett • 25th May 2023

The modern customer expects the businesses they interact with to treat them as if they know them personally. If they don’t, customer engagement will decline and the cost of acquisition will rise.

Nailing Omnichannel Experiences in the Canadian iGaming Market

by Ben Doggett • 25th May 2023

In the past, online gambling in Canada was primarily limited to offshore operators. However, the legalisation of single-event sports betting created opportunities for online gambling operators to enter the Canadian market legally.

Boosting Player Engagement and Retention with Real-Time Sports Feeds

by Ben Doggett • 16th May 2023

Watching sporting events is often brought to a new level of excitement when the viewer has put some money down on the outcome. The NBA playoffs began recently. Millions of eyes glued to the screen in what is bound to be an already intense set of affairs. The thrill of watching is heightened by placing a bet.

Effective ways to use Zero Party Data

by Ben Doggett • 10th May 2023

Zero party data can be a goldmine of insights for businesses looking to improve customer engagement and drive revenue growth. The fact that customers are explicitly stating their interests and preferences when using your business it would be a mistake to ignore it.

How to execute an Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

by Ben Doggett • 3rd May 2023

An effective omnichannel marketing campaign can be a powerful tool to drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and increase sales.

The Role of Social Media in Multichannel Engagement

by Ben Doggett • 28th April 2023

On average, users spend two and a half hours a day scrolling through social media. This gives brands a significant opportunity to engage with their audience where they like to hang out.

Oddschecker Smash Targets with Xtremepush

by Ben Doggett • 21st April 2023

Xtremepush, the leading omnichannel customer engagement platform powered by a built-in CDP in the sports betting industry, has been working alongside Oddschecker for a number of years.

How to Implement Social Media in a Multichannel Engagement Strategy

by Ben Doggett • 21st April 2023

With the proliferation of social media channels, it’s getting harder to manage brand presence effectively. The struggle of knowing what type of content to post, who you’re posting it for, and when to post is real.

How to Create an Omnichannel Strategy

by Ben Doggett • 22nd February 2023

Setting up an omnichannel marketing strategy is similar to any other strategy. It may be slightly different in areas, but it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

How To Collect Zero Party Data

by Ben Doggett • 16th February 2023

Whatever your business goals may be, your customer communication strategy is what drives you towards success.