iGaming Solutions: What They Offer and their Types

In iGaming, every click may lead to an exciting win or a heart-pounding play. That’s probably something that you want for your players, right?

It wouldn’t be possible without a solid iGaming solution. They are the backbone of online betting, from sports wagers to virtual poker tables and everything in between. 

Ready to see what iGaming solutions have to offer and how to pick the best one? Off we go.

What are iGaming solutions?

iGaming solutions are online services and software for internet-based gambling. So, these are, for example, websites and apps where people can bet on sports, play casino games like slots and poker, and join virtual betting events. 

They provide the technology for making online gambling safe, fair, and enjoyable. 

What can iGaming solutions offer?

There is much to offer by iGaming solutions in the online casino and gambling industry. For example:

👉 Technological advancements 

Secure online transactions and mobile gambling are key. A mobile presence is a necessity for any iGaming business.

👉  Broad reach 

Operations centered in hubs like Gibraltar, Malta, and the UK, with unique legal landscapes in places like the US.

👉 Current trends and obstacles 

The industry faces issues like legal clarity and attracting younger clients, like Gen-Z, who need different marketing tactics.

👉 Promotion techniques

Successful email campaigns, data analysis, segmenting, retargeting, and managing client information using CRM. Using eye-catching titles and visuals is also important.

iGaming software solutions – how to choose the one?

Still confused? Check out our checklist.

✅ Think about the games you want, how you’ll handle money, and how you’ll help players. Not sure? Read on to figure out your options.

✅ Make sure it can be customized. Your brand should stand out, and the software should fit your style.

✅ The software should be safe to use and have the right legal stuff.

✅ Easy to use. It’s important for both you and your players.

✅ Good help is key. If something goes wrong, you need reliable help.

If you have that info in place, we can move on to…

Types of iGaming solutions

iGaming industry is diverse. If you’re about to start, there are some options to consider: 

White label casino software 

A ready-to-use solution for starting an online casino. It comes with a customizable website, a collection of casino games, secure payment gateways, licenses, and back-office management tools. All for making the user experience better.

Turnkey iGaming solutions 

They’re comprehensive packages for setting up an iGaming platform. The solutions offer customizable gaming software, quick market entry, scalability, flexibility, and back-office management tools.

Blockchain/crypto casino solutions 

They support multiple cryptocurrencies and offer anonymity, privacy, and provably fair gaming. You can integrate cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for secure transactions and transparent gaming.

Sportsbook solutions 

Are you into starting online sports live betting?

Choose a platform that makes it possible with customizable gaming software, fast market integration, scalability, live betting, and in-play statistics.

Custom-made online casino solution 

If none of the ready-made solutions appeal to you, opt for a custom-made online casino platform. 

It’s tailored just for you, allowing the creation of a unique online gaming environment. So here’s what is waiting for you: personalized design, a wide range of games, payment gateway integration, and back-office management tools. 


It’s a great tool for backing up iGaming places. It lets you put together different parts like a CDP, different communication channels, and a gamification engine. And Xtremepush has it all!

And good news here. You don’t have to have much software development expertise. 

Pros of using Xtremepush for your iGaming solution

Xtremepush is a featured-packed tool and a great support for iGaming platform providers. It’s not an iGaming platform itself, but it helps with keeping the current players engaged and bringing in new ones.

Here’s what they offer:

🔵 Full engagement solution – as an industry leader, Xtremepush provides a platform that turns experiences into loyalty.

🔵 Real-time data – it gathers customer data in real time, helping brands make smart decisions.

🔵 AI predictions – its algorithms predict customer likes, providing gambling software with tailored offers.

🔵 Omnichannel approach – delivers seamless messaging across different channels like mobile apps, websites, email, SMS, and social messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The goal here is a consistent brand experience.

🔵 Quick setup – setup is quick, usually 6-8 weeks, making market entry faster.

🔵 Flexible start – begin with essential features such as push notifications, in-app messages, and web inbox, and expand as needed.

🔵 Scalability – their solutions are future-proof, growing with your brand.

🔵 Speedy market entry – Xtremepush’s pre-developed and thoroughly tested software ensures a faster launch time for new platforms.

🔵 Continuous updates – Regular updates and new game rollouts keep platforms engaging and fresh.

🔵 Dedicated technical support – They provide ongoing support and maintenance for a smooth gaming experience across all niches.

How can Xtremepush help as an iGaming solution? Case studies


NetBet first used Xtremepush for web push notifications and then added more tools like SMS, app notifications, and on-site messages

The platform helped them run strong campaigns to acquire and retain players. With Xtremepush, NetBet’s click rate for web push notifications went up to 5.4%, and they saw a big jump in player activity, with a 280% increase in player activation.


OwnersBox is a fantasy sports operator that faced challenges with disconnected communication tools. Xtremepush changed that by linking everything up. This made their emails get opened 33% more, and signups and deposits jumped up by 50% for the NFL season in 2023. 

Solutions for the iGaming industry concluded

iGaming solutions providers may deliver you complete management, handling everything for your gaming site. 


Only when picking a robust one. A good example of such a solution is Xtremepush. Give it a go and make your iGaming platform a top spot for players. See a demo.

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