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The Most Complete iGaming Solution

To deliver 1:1 player experiences, operators need to integrate multiple solutions (i.e. a CDP, different channels and a gamification engine), which poses a major challenge for iGaming companies.

We offer all these capabilities in one unified solution. 

This allows CRM teams to deliver highly relevant and seamlessly connected player experiences that automatically adapt to player behaviour in real time.

A Full Suite of Tools for Modern CRM Teams

Real-time single player view

Understand your audience like never before

Break data silos and get a deep understanding of every player to deliver hyper-personalised player experiences at scale.

Lifecycle Predictions

Be one step ahead of your player with AI

Harness the power of AI to understand the lifecycle of every player and immediately trigger automated retention strategies.

Omnichannel Activation

Stay relevant no matter where your players are

Deliver omnichannel player experiences that are not personalised for every player but also relevant and consistent across all channels.

Full gamification suite

Gamify player experiences

Add free-to-play games to your omnichannel strategy. Deliver instant gamification based on player behaviour, value and lifecycle stage to increase player engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Advanced Player Intelligence

Turn your data into actionable insights

Combine all your player, campaign, game and transactional data and understand how to optimise your marketing strategies to deliver the best possible results and ROI

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