Xtremepush retain your users

Increase customer lifecycles, reduce churn and recover lost sales


Across every vertical, we’re helping brands to create happier, “stickier” customers.

They’re achieving this through an exceptional standard of transactional and service messaging. Relevant, personalised content adds value to the individual customer’s experience, forging a deeper bond between the brand and them. We’re also helping brands to identify and engage with customers who are at risk of churning. And automated campaigns are recovering abandoned carts on every channel.

Some of the ways we’re helping brands retain more of their customers

Reducing churn and re-engaging dormant users

There will always be some customers who, for whatever reason, drift away and fall dormant. Our clients are re-engaging these users with dynamic content that they know is of interest, winning them back and moving them through the sales cycle once more.
Web and app pushes are particularly effective in this, allowing you to engage with your audience in real-time as the device is in use. Xtremepush’s enterprise-grade analytics allows you to identify which customers are in danger of churning, based on the length of the time that has passed since their last activity.

Recover abandoned carts

When it comes to re-igniting lost sales, our clients are having success with automated recovery campaigns across every channel.
Emails, push notifications and pop-ups are driving customers back to the checkout and guiding them towards goal completion.

The next step


Onboard users, guide them through registration and influence their first purchase. Share content based on intelligent data and move customers through the sales funnel.

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Influence and add value to your customers’ experiences. Personalise your messages and send them in real time through the most effective channels.

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Identify and address the drop-off points in your customers’ life cycles. Optimise your service and hold on to them for longer. Recover lost sales and grow your revenue.

Use cases by industry

Take a look at some of the use cases we have delivered for brands within your vertical.

Retail Banking & Insurance

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Sports Betting & Gaming

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eCommerce & Retail

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Publishing & Media

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Travel & Transport

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Other Industries

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What now?

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