CRM Integration

Easily integrate with 3rd party data to deliver omnichannel experiences. The Xtremepush platform integrates with 3rd party systems like Point Of Sales, Loyalty, and CRM systems to deliver unparalleled insights into your customers.

Xtremepush CRM-Integration

Integrate Customer Data

Want to use your existing customer data to allow for deeper and more personalised segmentation? You can easily integrate with our Enterprise APIs to combine and connect customer profiles delivering the most detailed mobile marketing profile.

OmniChannel Marketing

How do I target customers when they’re in my retail location? Have they spent $500 in May Online? Do they have a loyalty card with 2,000 points? With 3rd party data and Xtremepush’s data you can enhance your view of your customers allowing for the most powerful customer engagement to date

United Marketing

Where many becomes one. Xtremepush brings your customer engagement channels into one. We deal with people not users and allow you to deliver the most contextual experience for your customers

Laser like targeting

Target users with relevant messages based on previous location behaviour, in-app behaviour, online behaviour, or loyalty systems etc. Communicate with them at the right time in the right place with messages triggered based on location entry, exit or dwell time.