Xtremepush help in user onboarding

Data-driven acquisition and better ROI on every channel and device.


You only get one chance to make a first impression

Get your relationship with new users off to a perfect start and move them seamlessly through the funnel towards their first purchase.
Remarket to website visitors with real time push notifications and turn browsers into buyers. Across every channel and device, we’ll help you deliver compelling messages that audiences cannot resist.

Some of the ways we’re helping brands generate ROI from their acquisition campaigns.

Smooth onboarding

Over 70% of new app users are dormant within 3 days of the initial download. We understand how frustrating that is. Across a wide variety of industries, from retail banking to publishing, we’re helping brands to create frictionless welcome campaigns that deliver long-term results. Share valuable educational content to ensure your customers are aware of the value your brand provides.
Using the Xtremepush journey builder, you can fully automate onboarding and registration messages. Customisable event-triggers, like a failed log-in attempt, guarantee that you send the right content at the right time, intelligently guiding the user towards goal completion.

Encouraging first purchases and deposits

For ecommerce and sports betting brands, encouraging the user to make their first purchase or deposit is crucial. Real-time app pushes or web pop-ups, can be used to create a sense of urgency as well as incentivise the goal completion.
Our enterprise-grade analytics allow you to identify drop-off points during these early stages and swiftly address them. A/B test your messaging to further optimise conversion rates and increase the number of active users.

Real-time remarketing

Only 2% of web traffic converts on their initial visit. Web push notifications are an ideal way to re-market to the other 98%, even while they browse another site. With an average open rate of 20% across all verticals, this is an engaging and profitable channel.

The next step


Onboard users, guide them through registration and influence their first purchase. Share content based on intelligent data and move customers through the sales funnel.


Influence and add value to your customers’ experiences. Personalise your messages and send them in real time through the most effective channels.

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Identify and address the drop-off points in your customers’ life cycles. Optimise your service and hold on to them for longer. Recover lost sales and grow your revenue.

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Use cases by industry

Take a look at some of the use cases we have delivered for brands within your vertical.

Retail Banking & Insurance

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Sports Betting & Gaming

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eCommerce & Retail

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Publishing & Media

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Travel & Transport

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Other Industries

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What now?

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