Powerful Analytics

Bringing analytics & marketing together to provide actionable insights


Our enterprise-grade analytics provides you with a granular understanding of your customers across every device and channel. Get real-time insight into their behaviour and preferences and optimise your campaigns for success. Create detailed customer segments and drive more conversions through the sales cycle. Existing CRMs can be easily integrated into the Xtremepush platform for enhanced customer visibility.

Customer profiles

Understand your audience on a deeper level with detailed behavioural insights. Use this information to deliver contextually-relevant messages that add value to your customers’ experiences.

App Insights

How frequently do people use my app? How long has it been since users in New York last engaged with the app? Which is the most popular section of my app? What time is my app most popular? We provide the answers to questions like these so that you can maximise its value to your brand.


Identify when, where and why prospects drop off. Optimise your sales funnel and see your conversions increase.

A/B testing

Test keys aspects of your campaigns (like time of delivery and content) and optimize every engagement. Measure which version delivers the best results and offers you the maximum ROI.


Do you know what advertising is delivering you the most download and the customers with the highest LTV? Attribution will tell you where to spend your marketing dollars for the best return.


Drill down into each user segment to understand their actions. Do different User Segments do things differently in my app? Is the newest version of my app performing better for Segment A vs Segment B?