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iBeacon and Mobile Engagement in the Home

by xtremepush • 24th April 2014

iBeacons have a broad range of potential use and part of that is consumer-focused. With the iBeacon it’s all about the applications and how mobile engagement can be increased through interactions based on location.  There are a multitude of potential applications available for this technology. iBeacons are more likely to be successful where a problem […]

10 Mobile App Stats that will Blow your Mind

by xtremepush • 22nd April 2014

85 % of smartphone users would rather “give up drinking water” than delete their mobile apps.  Whilst many of those surveyed have said going without coffee is easier than deleting all the apps on their phone forever. 48 % have stated checking emails would prove impossible without an app. And we thought email was dead? […]

Why Retailers Need to Jump on the iBeacon Bandwagon

by xtremepush • 16th April 2014

You won’t find an iBeacon in an egg but you will certainly find it in a giant Easter egg…if you’re  in New York City that is, further explanation provided later on. So what exactly is iBeacon? iBeacon is hardware that emits low energy Bluetooth signals which allows push notifications to be sent to mobile applications. […]

Brands effectively using Push Notifications

by xtremepush • 28th March 2014

Following on from our previous blog post on popular brands getting on the Snapchat brandwagon including Tacobell, 16 Handles and McDonalds we’ve looked more at how brands effectively use push notifications. Take the example of a Burrito bar who has their own mobile app, the consumer downloads their app and opts in for push messaging. […]