Why should you choose Xtremepush as a service partner?

The Xtremepush Manifesto

We are customer-centric to our core. We know that our future is tied to the continued success of our clients. The people that we work with are dynamic, ambitious and forward-thinking. Our software empowers them to deliver better experiences to their customers, driving business goals and increasing ROI.
We believe that multichannel marketing should be easy. Our platform has been designed from the ground up with this goal in mind. It’s simple to implement and integrate with your existing technology stack, and makes intuitive sense for the end-user. We will help you to create and coordinate multichannel campaigns at speed and scale, with greater efficiency than ever before.

6 reasons to choose Xtremepush

Wide in channels, deep in capabilities

We offer all of the channels you need to reach your audience across every device, as well as the capabilities to influence them until they complete your business goals. Deliver real-time, personalised and relevant content on mobile and desktop, backed up by the analytics to measure everything that matters.

Speed and simplicity of deployment

Typically, our clients are in a position to launch full multichannel campaigns within 9 weeks of signing with us, including the migration of existing data. The platform is also fully modularised, meaning that you can start with as many channels as you like and expand organically as the need and opportunity arises.

Strategic partners

We will work closely with you to develop use cases tailored to your business goals. We know that running successful multichannel campaigns can be easy, provided you have the right people behind you. Our platform has been built to demystify the entire process, with an intuitive dashboard allowing you to create, manage and optimise large campaigns from a single location.

World-class aftersale

We are committed to your ongoing success, with a dedicated support team available to you for any assistance you require. We will not forget about or ignore you after the contract is signed.

An exciting, open roadmap

The Xtremepush software is built on an agile platform that is constantly being improved in line with both the needs of our clients and emerging industry trends. We believe in an open dialogue, encouraging our clients to pitch ideas that will shape our product roadmap for the better.

We own our tech stack

When you choose Xtremepush you can rest assured that there is no sub-supplier behind the scenes that needs to be vetted. From the push notifications and pop-ups to emails and location-technology, we have full visibility on every message sent through the Xtremepush platform. For the benefit of our clients, we have integrated with a handful of leading service providers, e.g Google Tag Manager and Salesforce. We are are also ISO certified and penetration tested, providing bank-grade security for all of our clients, as well as full GDPR compliance.

But of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it.

Here’s Adam Palmerini, Head of CRM for Oddschecker . Adam is a leading digital marketer, with an incredible track record of running multichannel campaigns at a number of the world’s best-known sports betting brands. In this video, he compares his experience of working with us versus our competitors.

Use cases by industry

Take a look at some of the use cases we have delivered for brands within your vertical.

Retail Banking & Insurance

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Sports Betting & Gaming

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eCommerce & Retail

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Publishing & Media

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Travel & Transport

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Other Industries

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What now?

If your brand is interested in taking the next step towards a smoother digital experience and a better ROI, contact us today.