Omg Give Up My Coffee

OMG Delete All My Apps? I’d sooner give up my morning coffee.

  • 85 % of smartphone users would rather “give up drinking water” than delete their mobile apps.  Whilst many of those surveyed have said going without coffee is easier than deleting all the apps on their phone forever.
  • 48 % have stated checking emails would prove impossible without an app. And we thought email was dead?
  • 32% have said that they would not be able to wake up in the morning without their apps, perhaps they literally have that alarm clock app that wakes you up when you have gotten your adequate amount of shut eye.
  • 23 %  have reported that their serotonin levels would be impacted in the  morning saying that they wouldn’t  feel happy waking up.
  • 20 % said they would have difficulty navigating to work; this may be open to interpretation where users may use Google maps that can guide you in the right direction or perhaps they simply need their apps on their commute to work on public transport.
  • 19 % have said that they would have difficulty maintaining their relationships; this comes to no surprise as more messages are now sent via apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat than by SMS and ofcourse not forgetting the old reliable Facebook messenger.
  • 13 % have said finding dates would be impossible; that goes to no surprise as several popular dating apps exist, perhaps those 13 % should watch this video from mobile brand Three on their campaign “Three Little Words” and take a some notes…
  • 12 % wouldn’t be able to order dinner; with 18 percent of French people saying they could not order dinner without an app, considering the amount of time the french like to spend eating a meal we reckon that statistic is more  like 18 % of french people cannot sit through their entire dinner without having mobile apps at their disposal.
  • 10 % wouldn’t be able to impress people without having their app on their lap. This again could be open to interpretation depending on what type of apps they were referring to…
  • 9 % say it would be easier for them to invent a new source of energy than delete all of the apps on their smartphones….Well apart from Albert Einstein of course.

The stats are based on a survey on Mobile App Behavior of smartphone owners  carried out at the mobile world congress 2013 in Barcelona representing smartphone owners across Germany, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S and not forgetting France of course.

On that note I think we’ll have to give up drinking water.