The journey to personalised, multichannel customer engagement

Objective & Results

Xtremepush was chosen to be daa’s multichannel engagement, data and analytics partner, supporting its vision to be an airport industry leader. As per daa’s requirement, our solution was deployed via private cloud, ensuring exclusive use of dedicated resources. daa went live with its first engagement campaign within 8 weeks.

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daa (Dublin Airport Authority) is a global airport
and travel retail group with businesses in 13
countries. It is a semi-state business,
headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. In addition
to owning and managing both Dublin and Cork
airports, daa has international airport operations
and investments in Cyprus, Germany and Saudi
Arabia. daa also operates a successful travel
retail subsidiary, ARI, with outlets throughout
Europe, North America, the Middle East, India
and Asia-Pacific.

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Working with Xtremepush

DAA Sinead Quish

Sinead Quish, Head of Consumer Marketing

“The experience that Xtremepush has when it comes to email is obvious. I have worked with several email providers over the years, and the Xtremepush solution is outstanding. The email builder tool is intuitive to use and allows us to create new campaigns quicker than ever before. No matter what we want to do with our emails, they find a solution that suits us perfectly and delivers results”