Customer Service A.I. & Chatbots

Improve the customer’s experience, save time and reduce costs

Customer Service A.I. & Chatbots

The Xtremepush Chatbot Solution is the pinnacle of conversational A.I., designed to help brands service customer queries at speed and scale. A chatbot on your website will help your customers efficiently self-serve without human assistance, reducing call-centre costs and improving your NPS and CSAT scores. Our customer service A.I. is powered by sophisticated NLP (Natural Language Processing), which instantly identifies the customer’s objective and intelligently guides them towards their goal.

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How can Customer Service A.I. & Chatbots help you achieve your brand’s business goals?

Personalised Conversations

The chatbot will use the customer’s name and even remember elements of previous conversations that it has had with that person. Integrate the chatbot with your CRM or CDP (Customer Data Platform) for deeper personalisation.

Always On

The chatbot is available to help customers 24/7, across all pages of your website (or individual pages if preferred). It can significantly reduce the burden placed on your live support agents, freeing them to handle the most complicated or challenging interactions.

Enterprise-Grade Security

As is the case for all Xtremepush products, our A.I. customer service solutions provide enterprise-grade security. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, in full compliance with GDPR and other data-privacy legislation.

Swift Resolution

Our chatbot is geared towards helping the customer quickly achieve their goal, typically resolving each query in a single answer. When a query can potentially be answered in multiple ways, the customer will be presented with each option.

Friendly U.I.

Customers do not need to be tech-savvy or write in a particular way, to engage with the chatbot. The A.I. understands the context of each query and the customer’s intent, as well as the wording. It even recognises common spelling and grammatical errors.

Detailed Analytics

A helpful dashboard makes reporting easy, and gives you a clear overview of the most frequently asked questions. Analyse detailed breakdowns of each customer interaction, to both measure the impact of the A.I. and identify areas where you can improve the knowledge-base available.

Choose from 3 Powerful A.I. Customer Service Solutions

Conversational A.I. Chatbot

Sometimes called a Virtual Agent or Concierge, the chatbot proactively engages with visitors, offering personalised assistance across every page of your website. The chatbot is unique to you, and will reply in a tone that fits your brand. In an instance where the chatbot cannot resolve the query, it will intelligently direct the customer towards the most appropriate contact channel.

Leverage existing customer data to individually tailor each interaction. You can also send data collected by the chatbot to your data management system (CRM, CDP etc).

FAQ & Knowledge-Base Self-Service

Help your customers to quickly navigate your FAQ content or find answers in your knowledge-base. The software uses NLP to understand the customer’s intent and serve them the most appropriate piece of information. Machine-learning capabilities mean that the quality of response improves with every single customer interaction.

A user-friendly dashboard lets you easily identify the most common questions your customers ask. Use this data to address any gaps in your content and ensure the customer finds what they are looking for.

Agent Knowledge Platform

Dramatically reduce both live agent training times and time-per-call with our A.I. driven Agent Knowledge product. The customisable, user-friendly interface allows your agents to seamlessly search, share and create content that resolves customer queries quickly. By giving all of your agents instant access to the same content you ensure a consistent standard of interactions.

This solution is purpose-built and includes helpful features like note-taking, internal promotional tabs, latest news tabs and more, all designed to improve your agents’ ability to serve the customer.

3 Ways A.I. Delivers Value

Call Deflection

Typically, clients using the chatbot see a 75% reduction in the volume of calls received to their support centres.  This frees up live agents to deal with more complicated requests or queries that require human assistance, with some clients reporting an 80% increase in agent efficiency.

Reduced Costs

By reducing the number of calls received, a chatbot can significantly reduce your costs. We have seen savings of €500,000 per year, based on a conservative cost-per-call of €3.

Exceptional Customer Experience

90% of customers will visit a company’s website to resolve a query before sending an email, while 67% of customers prefer to self-serve rather than speak to a live agent. By deploying a Virtual Agent you can expect to see your NPS and CSAT scores dramatically increase. 


Q: How long does it take to integrate a chatbot with my website?

A: Our partnership with Google Tag Manager allows for the rapid deployment of our chatbot solution. You can have it on-site, helping customers within a matter of weeks.

Q: Can the chatbot be integrated with my call-centre solution, e.g. Genesys?

A: Yes, our chatbot solution integrates seamlessly with these systems via API. In an instance where the chatbot cannot resolve the query, it will direct the customer to the call-centre with a single click.

Q: Do I need to alter web pages to deploy the chatbot?

A: No, the chatbot is deployed as an overlay, meaning it does not affect, or rely on, your website’s code.

Q: Can I customize the styling/placement of the chatbot on my website?

A: Yes, these elements are completely editable through Javascript, ensuring that your chatbot is on-brand.