Modern finance is mobile-first and customer-centric

We’re making more and more of our financial decisions, big and small, on the move.
We’ll help you to make sure that every customer interaction is real-time, relevant and smooth across all digital channels.
Our enterprise-grade solution is flexible, secure and quick to deploy either on-premise or via a private cloud.
The Xtremepush platform works with core banking solutions like Finastra, Fiserv and Temenos.

In a 2018 U.S. survey, 31% of respondents said that their banking app was their most used, with the actual level of usage increasing by 25% year on year.

How Can We Help Your Brand Right Now?

  • Do you want to acquire, engage or retain your audience?
  • Or is there a specific capability you are looking for?
  • Maybe you’re interested in learning how location-technology can play a role in your digital strategy?
  • Know exactly what you want to do already?

How Xtremepush helps Retail Banking & Insurance brands to drive acquisition and retention at scale




Onboarding app users is a crucial stage in a bank’s mobile experience strategy.
Not understanding when and why users have abandoned the registration process is frustrating.
We provide the analytics to identify and address precise drop-off points. Create a frictionless onboarding experience with real-time messaging and a/b testing.
By solving issues in-app and online, we’re also helping brands to reduce their call-centre costs.
Our clients have experienced an average increase of 7% in the number of new users finishing their onboarding journey.

20% of app users don’t advance beyond the initial log-in, costing banks millions every year.


Creating Active Users

Having a customer registered on the app is only half the battle. You then need to turn them into an Active User.
Customers aren’t always aware of the range of services available to them via the app so they don’t see the value in it. As a brand, it’s disheartening and a wasted opportunity.
We help bridge this gap with enhanced app engagement.
Personalised, targeted messaging notifies dormant users about services like e-statements and Apple Pay.

Giorgi Vakhtangishvili, Mobile Team Leader, TBC Bank

“Working with the Xtremepush platform has been an easy transition for TBC Bank and the team who work on it every day. The Xtremepush platform functionality is very easy to understand and use. It enables our teams to automate campaigns and set-up templates. They also find it very straight-forward to educate and train new users.”


Re-engage incomplete applications

We provide the tools required to identify and re-engage partial loan applicants. Pin-point the precise drop-off points and nudge customers back to their applications.
You can even automate instant responses to applicants who are likely to be approved or denied.
Citybond Holdings Ltd operates a number of insurance providers in the U.K. They wanted to recover customers lost during the quotation stage. They launched a series of recovery email campaigns which lead to a significant jump in ROI alongside an improved rate of conversion.


Higher open rate with personalised engagement

“This was a relatively complicated email initiative and we are really pleased that this continues to perform well. Our account manager created a number of different rulesets and snippets to ensure all the data we send populates in the correct template with the correct brand.”

David Garvin, Digital Marketing Executive, Citybond Holdings Ltd


Survey for success

Get valuable insight into your customers’ experiences with online surveys. These can be carried out in-app or on your website. Use the findings to address gaps in your online and offline services.

Promote card-linked offers

Grow brand loyalty by informing your customers about the various card-linked offers available to them. Send messages in-app or via web push notifications and let them know about exclusive discounts and rewards.
You can even trigger these messages while a customer is at the relevant store or location using iBeacons.


Location-based messaging

Geofencing and iBeacon technologies are used to deliver location-based content to app users at optimal times. For example, you can automate Forex messaging, letting overseas travellers know about favourable exchange rates when paying in local currency.

Drive footfall

Geofencing allows you to contact app users who are close to your brick and mortar branches with specific content and offers. Let customers who have begun an online loan application know that your advisors are currently free to meet them.

Combat card fraud

Use a customer’s location to identify potentially fraudulent activity. Notify them instantly about suspicious transactions at home or overseas.

So what next?

If your brand is interested in taking the next step towards a smoother digital experience and a better ROI, contact us today.



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