Journey Builder

Create intelligent user flows to automatically engage your users according to their behaviour.

Visualise your Customer Journey

Enhance customer experience and engagement with automated campaigns based on your customer behaviours. Maxautomation allows enterprise brands to engage users through each vital stage of the user journey, including online applications, purchases, and registrations with intelligent, personalised content to drive key user actions and prompt goal completions.

Visualise Marketing Campaigns

Visualise your marketing strategies with Maxautomation Journey Builder. Streamline your marketing process using a series of highly-intelligent, automated marketing campaigns.

Drive Customer Journeys

Boost your customers’ experience with timely and relevant messages based on their behaviour and actions. Improve engagement opportunities with your clients at crucial stages throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enhance Marketing Processes

Improve your current processes with the tools you need to make it automated. Quickly find more and more ways to improve your process and ultimately the experience of your customers.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Deliver consistent engagement across your brands digital engagement channels, including email, SMS, and push notifications, so your customers get the right customer experience.