Deployment & Data Hosting

Deployment & Data-Hosting Options

Xtremepush offers shared cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment and data-hosting options. The differences between these options are outlined below. Clients may choose whichever one best suits their requirements and obligations.

Shared Cloud

Shared cloud is a common model of SaaS deployment, where there is shared budgeting of assets amongst a group of clients. This ensures a fast and efficient set-up that is cost-effective (i.e. no additional hardware is required by the client). Clients on the shared cloud also enjoy reduced operational costs going forward. 
All system updates are handled centrally by Xtremepush, rolling out changes and improvements as necessary. We currently offer shared clouds in the E.U. and U.S. jurisdictions.

Private Cloud

Private cloud guarantees you exclusive usage of dedicated resources. Xtremepush will manage all system updates, upgrades and maintenance as necessary. We will also handle all scaling requirements in line with any increased performance demands you may have over time.
Xtremepush supports all AWS regions, allowing you to freely choose the jurisdiction in which you wish to deploy your private cloud. It is important to note that there will be a standard one-off fee to cover the initial cost of setting up the private cloud, based on the scope of the project.


On-premise deployment is advised only when there is a legislative obligation or industry requirement for it. It involves the provision of dedicated hardware to support the Xtremepush platform, in a location of the client’s choosing. Xtremepush’s technical experts are vastly experienced in setting up local infrastructures and will work on-site with your I.T. team to ensure a smooth and timely delivery. The client is required, however, to support and maintain the underlying hardware on an ongoing basis.
The initial installation of, and essential updates to, the Xtremepush platform will be co-managed by both Xtremepush and the client. In these instances, Xtremepush will require temporary access to your environment via VPN in order to carry out the work, after which access can again be revoked by the client in line with their specific security policy.

Hear from our clients:

Summary of Deployment Options

Shared CloudPrivate CloudOn-Premise
JurisdictionE.U. / U.S.any AWS regionAs per client's request
Xtreampush Platform UpdatesVendor-managedVendor & ClientVendor & Client
Set-up & InstallationVendorVendorVendor & Client
Data IsolationLogicalPhysicalPhysical
Data SecurityVendor-managedVendor-mangedClient-managed

If you require further information about the options available to you, please get in touch.