Giving customers the thrill of real-time play

The Sports Betting and Gaming market is thriving.  The challenge for brands big and small is how to engage players with real-time, dynamic content and drive revenue.

We understand how crucial segmentation and customer profiling is to your marketing teams. We see that the future of the industry is in creating excitement and the desire to play with real-time pushes and live interaction.

We’re improving our clients’ onboarding processes too, getting users registered and placing their first bet. Beyond that, we’re empowering them to increase their conversion rates across every channel and on every device. And we’re even helping them to fend off competitors by fostering brand loyalty.

Basically, we know what’s at stake.

The American sports betting market is set to grow $10billion year on year, with 45% of all global bets placed on mobile devices by the end of 2019

How Can We Help Your Brand Right Now?

  • Do you want to acquire, engage or retain your audience?
  • Or is there a specific capability you are looking for?
  • Maybe you’re interested in learning how location-technology can help you drive additional revenue at live events?
  • Know exactly what you want to do already?

How Xtremepush helps Sports Betting & Gaming brands to drive acquisition and retention at scale



Onboarding new players

Getting app users registered and encouraging them to place their first bet is a vital stage in a sportsbook’s mobile strategy.

Send push notifications in real-time to guide new users through the process. A/B test and optimise your messaging to maximise your ROI and grow your number of Monthly Active Users.

BetBright increased its number of MAUs by over 20% with Xtremepush.

Oddschecker logo

Oddschecker goes fully multichannel, engaging players across every device in real-time


Turning browsers into players

Convert website browsers into players with web push notifications. Engage with potential players even as they browse another website.

Influence customers with data-driven, intelligent engagements and boost revenue. Our analytical tools allow you to intervene with the right message at the right time.

Gerard Duffy, Head of CRM Data Enablement, Paddy Power Betfair

“By using Xtremepush for Web Push, we were able to reach customers through a new medium to deliver relevant and engaging content”


In-play, real-time betting

Engage customers at the right moment to increase revenue. Allow them to feel part of the action with a cheeky half-time punt or a dramatic, last-minute roll of the dice.

Capitalise on events with a massive tv or online viewership, like a cup final or a Horse Racing Festival. Deliver the odds right to the player’s mobile device at the crucial moments.

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Purchase conversion rate from Web Push Campaigns

Funstage is a multi-platform gaming service provider offering synchronous play on mobile apps, social networks and other web-based technologies to gamers around the world. Since switching to Xtremepush, they have enjoyed incredible results, including a 25% increase in push notification open rates.


Increase wallet share

Our enterprise-grade analytics gives you a complete 360-degree view of your customers and their lifetime spend. Connect with them on their preferred devices and at their most active times to boost engagement.


Reduce churn

Re-engage lapsed and dormant users through intelligent, data-driven interactions.  Use your detailed customer profiles to engage them with odds and offers that you know are likely to appeal to them.

Identify players with a high Lifetime Spend and reward them with exclusive deals and exciting offers. Xtremepush gives you the tools to get to know your users and keep them playing.

Create personalised experiences that rival brands cannot match.


Capitalise on live events

iBeacons are one of the most talked about developments in digital marketing. Xtremepush gives you the chance to capitalise on it in exciting, dynamic ways.

Give your app users the thrill of live play with real-time pushes based on their location. Increase the ROI on sponsored events by offering exclusive deals to game-day patrons.

Drive footfall

Use geo-fencing to connect with app users who are close to your physical locations. Notify them about exclusive offers and increase conversions.

So what next?

If your brand is interested in taking the next step towards a more engaging and profitable digital experience, contact us today.



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