Real-time, personalised content delivered at speed and scale

We’re helping a host of globally recognised clients to engage their audience with relevant, personalised content. Enterprise-grade analytics empowers them to focus on the stories and features that matter most to their readers.
Real-time messaging is alerting readers to news bulletins, live match reports and premium content. Tailored campaigns are expanding their readership and keeping people engaged for longer.
And they’re doing all this at speed and scale.

How Can We Help Your Brand Right Now?

  • Do you want to acquire, engage or retain your audience?
  • Or is there a specific capability you are looking for?
  • Maybe you’re interested in learning how location-technology can play a role in your digital strategy?
  • Know exactly what you want to do already?

How Xtremepush helps Publishing and Media brands



Onboarding app users

Onboarding app users is a crucial stage in a brand’s mobile experience strategy.  Not understanding when and why users have abandoned the registration process is frustrating.
We provide the analytics needed to identify and address precise drop-off points. Create a smooth onboarding experience that generates excitement amongst your users. A/B test and optimise your messaging to maximise app ROI.


Use web push to drive traffic

Re-engage visitors who have opted in with web pushes linking to relevant content, even while they browse another site.
Intelligently segment your audience, and target individuals with stories that you know are likely to convert.


Boost time spent on site

Increase the amount of time spent on your site and enrich the customer’s experience by suggesting “similar content” as they browse. In-web messages, or pop-ups, are perfect for this.
This strategy doesn’t require opt-in and suggests content based on a user’s browsing history. Use personalised, targeted messaging to keep your readers on-site for longer.


Increase app engagement

Send in-app messages to your users, highlighting key features and driving engagement. Deliver breaking news alerts via app push to dormant users and grab their attention.
Ensure that your brand stays top-of-mind for breaking news and features.


Re-engage dormant users

Identify the content that really connects with your readers so you can create more of it. Pin-point exact drop-off points and re-engage dormant users with dynamic messaging.

Personalise every email you send

Convert occasional browsers into hardcore readers with personalised emails.
Our best-in-class email solution allows you to easily create and send emails on a huge scale. It comes with a host of tools and features designed to ensure your messages bypass the spam filters and reach every inbox.


Maximise ROI of partnerships and sponsorships

Send push notifications to app users close to partner locations using geofencing and iBeacon technology. Increase the ROI of sponsorship deals by contacting patrons who have your app at live events. Promote content that adds to the user’s experience and foster brand loyalty.

So what next?

If your brand is interested in taking the next step towards a more dynamic digital experience and a better ROI, contact us today.



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