Xtremepush’s software will inform the in-app engagement strategies of the world’s biggest brands.


Dublin based mobile analytics and engagement start-up, Xtremepush, has agreed a multi-million Euro OEM deal with US ad technology giant, Gravity4, in collaboration with its Unify.me application. The deal will enable Gravity4’s mobile customers to see superior mobile analytics and engagement data through the integration of its proprietary software in to Gravity4’s overall world-class marketing cloud. Xtremepush’s software, via Gravity4, will therefore enable more than 100 of the world’s biggest brands to better understand how their customers are using their app, predictively engage with them and, by harnessing the data, directly advertise to their app users on a one-to one basis.


Through a competitive process, Xtremepush was identified by Gravity4 as offering the most advanced, intelligent and compelling platform for major brands who want to significantly increase mobile app engagement and measure the ROI of their mobile marketing campaigns. The bespoke platform, which Xtremepush developed in-house, is a complete software offering that uses a mixture of deep analytics, world class location-based targeting, advanced push notifications and techniques to target, segment and communicate with app users in real-time on behalf of major brands in order to create a highly individualised experience.


Xtremepush’s software will enable Gravity4 to provide a fully integrated mobile and web marketing solution to its Fortune 500 customers, the first of its kind on a global basis. Brands can now work with a single provider to streamline their mobile and online marketing efforts and ensure significantly increased engagement levels and ROI for these customers.


xtremepush team

xtremepush CTO Dr. Kevin Collins and CEO Tommy Kearns

Dr. Kevin Collins, CTO and Co-Founder of XtremePush, says “This deal is really significant for Xtremepush as, via Gravity4, the ad tech giant that has grown out of Silicon Valley, our software will inform the in-app engagement strategies of some of the biggest brands in the US and the world. The deal has propelled our software beyond the Irish market – it will now analyse consumer usage of some of the most downloaded brand apps in the world and inform engagement strategies that will generate significant return on investment. This is a huge achievement for the company and team, which was established just 18 months ago.”


Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Gravity4, says: “This is an important deal for Gravity4 as, through the integration of Xtremepush’s software, we can now offer our clients, major agencies and Fortune 500 companies highly targeted advertising, engagement and conversion of app users to drive usage and downloads. This level of intelligence has, up to this point, never been available in the market. It has the potential to dramatically improve in-app usage and engagement for the world’s biggest brands, which will result in a significant return on their investment. We are extremely happy with Xtremepush’s technology and the team and look forward to continuing our partnership with them long into the future.”


Furthermore, Gravity4 has appointed Xtremepush as a reseller of its entire High-Frequency Marketing Cloud across the territories it operates as it continues to expand in Europe, making this a win-win for both organisations.