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Sports Betting & Gaming: How brands are driving revenue through increased multi-channel engagement

Brands within the Sports Betting and Gaming industry are placing a higher emphasis on customer engagement to drive revenue.

With 97% of their customers betting online, it is easy to understand why technology is at the forefront of the industry and opportunities to drive engagement are plentiful.

Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement provider, Xtremepush, are market leaders within the industry and provide the tools for global brands including, Paddy Power Betfair, Jackpotjoy Group, Mansion Casinos and 888 to increase customer engagement and revenue.  

The Best Solution for Increasing Customer Engagement

Online and In-App sports betting and gaming is now the largest sector by gross gambling yield (GGY), so customer engagement needs to be highly focused and targeted to the device the user is most active on. Push Notifications are the perfect way to drive engagement.  

With two choices to implement Push Notifications, either through your app or website, brands can engage their customers on the right device.

Web Push Notifications work perfectly for both desktop and mobile web browser users and allow businesses to boost engagement with timely, highly targeted messages. Funstage introduced Web Push Notifications into their multi-channel marketing campaigns to help them increase their customer engagement and their purchase conversion rate by 50%.

Push Notifications essentially work in the same way as Web Push Notifications, however, they are sent directly to an app on the user’s device, just like BetBright, who used the Xtremepush platform to increase monthly app users by over 20%..

How Push and Web Push Notifications can help brands drive engagement and revenue

Push notifications gain 50% more opens and 7 times the clicks of email, making them the ideal tool for increasing customer engagement and driving revenue.

There is a high importance for the Sports Betting and Gaming industry to implement push notification, especially with the vast choice that consumers have. Building brand loyalty by delivering a frictionless customer experience is pivotal for brands to stay ahead of the competition.

Applications of Push Notifications

Drive Registrations and Customer Activity

Anonymous visitors to your website or app are futile. Without an appropriate method of conversion, brand are eliminating opportunities.  An easy one-step App Push or Web Push notification process will enable anonymous visitors to opt-in with a single click, providing the ability to send notifications directly to the user to drive registration.  Once registration is gained, brands can start to engage their customers to drive activity.

Updates on Live Markets

Customers are unique and treating them this way will increase brand value. Collecting behavioral data on your users provides brands with the ability to create user profiles. Individual customer profiles enable marketers to engage their user with relevant market and game information. For example, customers whose preference is football, receiving updates on price changes in upcoming matches will be of more interest and help increase engagement.

Speed of Delivery

The majority of events within the industry will be highly time sensitive, getting the message out quickly to users is paramount. Unlike some of the other channels available, Push Notifications, via web and app, allow messages to be instantly actioned due to the speed of delivery, giving users the opportunity to engage before the market becomes unavailable.


Another powerful application of Push Notifications and Web Push Notifications is the employment of abandonment campaigns. When a user becomes distracted and does not complete the transaction, push or web push notifications provide the opportunity to highlight that it was never complete and present a frictionless return to the betting slip or game.

Offers and Promotions

Push Notifications provide an outstanding option to highlight promotional activities and special offers.  Sending your customer’s tailored offers directly to their web browser or mobile app allows for instant and frictionless access to the promotions. Push and Web Push Notifications are most effective when used as part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. Following up on a Push or Web Push Notification with an Email to customers who didn’t activate the deal through push but can find the details in their Emails at a later time.

Re-Engage Users

Analytics will enable the mapping of customer journeys and offer insight into key drop-off points for customers. Analytics enable brands to re-engage users with intelligent Web Push or Push Notifications after their drop-off and bring them back into the website or app. Web Push Notifications allow brands to re-engage users even when they are browsing a different website.  

Engage with Xtremepush to boost your own engagement.

Xtremepush is attending the Betting On Sports Conference in September. Meet with the team and discuss how Xtremepush can help your brand drive engagement, reduce costs and increase revenue with their Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement Marketing Platform.

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Sports Betting & Gaming: How brands are driving revenue through increased multi-channel engagement
Brands within the Sports Betting and Gaming industry are placing a higher emphasis on customer engagement to drive revenue. With 97% of their customers betting online, it is easy to understand why
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