Though virtual sports betting makes up only 3-5% of UK gambling revenue, it’s a nice twist for online betting as it’s gaining more and more popularity. It’s worth looking at it closer, then.

We’ll discuss virtual betting, how it differs from regular online betting, and the best practices for using it in a betting app. 

What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting is placing bets on computer-simulated sports events, where algorithms determine the outcomes. Betting apps or sportsbooks provide continuous, unique betting opportunities. They attract more users and generate consistent revenue, even when there are no real sports happening.

How does virtual sports work?

It might be compared to regular or online sports betting, but it’s all computer-generated. A random number generator decides who wins here.

So you bet on virtual sports events that don’t exist.

People enjoy virtual sports betting sites online that offer lots of betting options, like virtual horse or greyhound racing. People enjoy this because you don’t have to wait for a real sporting event. 

Also, virtual sports don’t rely on the weather or health conditions of the players. It’s always the right timing to make a bet.

What’s the role of bookmakers and gaming servers?

Betting sites, apps, and online casinos offer these virtual games as a fun alternative. It’s legal and has become a popular way to bet, just like live sports betting. 

Virtual sports are brought to bettors by bookmakers. Also, smooth gaming relies on a remote game server. So their role is fundamental.

Popular virtual sports

Check out the list of virtual sports games:

  • horse racing
  • greyhound racing
  • tennis
  • football
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • motorsport

Hungry for more? Find more of the best virtual sports here.

Virtual sports betting vs. regular sports betting: main differences

As much as it might seem that it’s pretty much the same, there are some differences you might want to know before starting a kind of betting.

#1 Nature of events

Virtual sports are computer-generated. User can place their bets on events such as virtual greyhound racing, horse racing, and other niche and popular sports. 

These aren’t real but are created for betting purposes. Regular sports betting focuses on real-life sporting events, where the outcome depends on the performance of teams or individuals.

#2 Frequency and pace

Virtual might be more fast-paced and take place no matter what time of the day, night, or year it is. They provide bettors with limitless odds to choose from. 

Regular sports betting follows the schedule of real-world sports events, so it might not be as frequent. Also, the seasons impact how often the events occur. 

#3 Outcome determination

Random number generators determine the results of virtual sports, so they’re unpredictable. In real sports, outcomes are based on the performance, strategy, and sometimes luck of the participating teams or individuals.

#4 Betting Markets and options

Because the number of a virtual sports event are controlled, virtual betting sites have many markets and options. Regular sports betting, while having diverse betting markets, depends on the availability of real-world sports, seasons, and tournaments.

#5 Realism and engagement

The same level of engagement and excitement might be a bit uneven here. Watching a live football match or horse race and cheering for your favorite adds a different thrill, and it makes the betting experience more immersive. 

7 practices on how to leverage virtual sports betting in betting apps

Do you feel like your betting app is lacking something? 

Maybe introducing virtual sports such as virtual soccer or computer-generated premier league events is the answer. 

Learn how to leverage virtual betting in your apps and become one of the best virtual sports betting sites in 2023 with these best practices.

01 Offer numerous types of computer-generated sports

As it’s a virtual world, there are many sports options to choose from, there are no limits here. Also, many find the simulation close to the real thing. But the diversity makes the betting experience fresh and exciting. 

02 Provide frequent betting opportunities

Frequent betting opportunities make people place wagers on virtual sports betting sites. 

The more chances to bet (especially on favorite sports), the more engagement a betting site sees. 

Besides, who enjoys a limited selection of sports? The more, the better. Give frequent opportunities to place wagers on diverse sporting events, then. That’s something that makes users stay in the app or betting site. 

03 Feature in-play betting options

This feature lets bettors place wagers while a virtual sporting event is happening. It adds a dynamic element to the experience. In recent years, virtual sports like virtual football and virtual basketball have become popular

04 Implement realistic and attractive graphics

Users like good visuals. They make everything more real, and they catch the eye. Well-designed and high-quality graphics make games feel like real sports. Take a step back, and see what you can do to make it a bit better.

05 Maintain transparent betting outcomes

Be clear and honest with results. It is really what keeps people on virtual sports betting sites. If outcomes are unbiased and not decided beforehand, more bettors want to join in and place bets. It creates a trustworthy and true betting environment. 

06 Give attractive bonuses and promotions for virtual sports

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07 Integrate advanced analytics

Knowledge is power, right? The same is true for virtual sports betting. 

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With our practices, your platform could be on its way to joining the ranks of the best virtual sports betting sites 2023. Both professional and amateur sports fans will appreciate it.

Virtual sports betting concluded

There are some differences between virtual sports betting and regular online betting. Both of the forms find their fans. With regular sports betting, the outcome is based on the strategies and skills of the players. Virtual sports use a random number as the final score.

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