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Leveraging Plug & Play Predictions for Omnichannel Campaigns

AI is the revolution, per se. But it's about tailor-made AI solutions that change the game. 

And it’s InfinityAI that is revolutionising omnichannel marketing for operators. As it leverages predictive capabilities and integrates smoothly, traditional campaigns can quickly evolve into predictive omnichannel journeys.

Today, you'll discover how Plug & Play Predictions, on top of InfinityAI, is really transforming how interactions are handled across channels.

Plug & Play Predictions

InfinityAI enhances predictive analytics with its Plug & Play feature. This offers a library of ready-to-use models. Each model is primed for instant deployment, streamlining the traditionally complex integration of predictive insights.

Many businesses face challenges in leveraging predictive data effectively. This often stems from dealing with siloed systems and scattered data sources. InfinityAI addresses this by storing all predictions in a Single Player View as soon as it is generated. Insights are immediately actionable.

Operators can quickly transform these insights into predictive player journeys with a few simple clicks. Our unified platform eliminates the need for intricate data migrations or integrations. This simplicity allows for quick, effective campaign adjustments and enhanced personalisation.

In essence, InfinityAI's Plug & Play Predictions simplify operations and empower operators. Brands can launch tailored, impactful campaigns swiftly, using predictive data as a powerful tool for improving engagement and returns. This sets InfinityAI apart as a unique, user-friendly solution in the iGaming market.

Key Use Cases of InfinityAI in Omnichannel Campaigns

Nothing speaks louder about a solution than its use cases. Discover how InfinityAI enhances omnichannel campaigns with targeted applications.

Player Churn Prevention

Churn prediction identifies which players are likely to stop using a service. And operators need this insight for timely and effective interventions. InfinityAI utilises detailed analytics to detect potential churners by analysing their interaction patterns and engagement levels. 

Once potential drop off is identified, these players are targeted with personalised offers, such as bonuses, free spins (F2P game mechanics), or exclusive rewards through their preferred channels. These incentives are designed to boost satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of churn,  and ultimately redirecting towards loyalty.

Early Life Player Churn Prevention

The initial 30 days after new player acquisition are critical for cementing player loyalty for years to come. 

InfinityAI plays a key role here by initiating customised campaigns tailored to new players from day one. Using early interaction and engagement metrics, InfinityAI quickly identifies those who may be at risk of early churn. Responsive strategies involve personalised communications and tailored promotions that resonate with their initial experiences. 

This approach ensures new players receive immediate attention, enhancing their engagement and securing their loyalty right from the onset. Long-term player retention often relies on this kind of strategic early intervention.

High-Value Player Retention

Identifying high-value players (yet often also at risk of churn) is a strategic priority. InfinityAI excels in detecting these players through their engagement patterns and transaction history across multiple channels. Anomalies trigger improvements.

For example, tailored offers and exclusive rewards are then deployed to maintain a player’s loyalty. These may include VIP customer service, personalised bonuses, or exclusive access to new F2P games – just to name a few examples. Such targeted rewards ensure that high-value players receive recognition for their importance, also impacting their commitment and reducing chances of their permanent departure.

Lifetime Value Prediction

Lifetime Value (LTV) measures the total revenue a business expects from a customer over the duration of their relationship. It's used for guiding omnichannel marketing strategies, and therefore, investment decisions. InfinityAI predicts LTV by analysing player interactions and transactions across multiple channels.

This tool forecasts whether players will remain active within the next 7, 30, 60, 90, or 365 days, even if they don't make another purchase. It also estimates the number of bets players are likely to place and the total amount they will spend in the upcoming months. With these insights, operators can tailor rewards and messages to virtually every player. 

High LTV potential players also might receive more significant bonuses or bespoke communications, for maximised retention and revenue of the operators. As a result, player satisfaction is enhanced – as well as business performance forecasting being improved.

Dynamic RFM Segmentation

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) segmentation is a powerful analytics method that categorises players based on their purchase behaviour. This approach segments players by: 

  • how recently they purchased, 
  • how often they buy, 
  • and how much they spend. 

Automating this process with InfinityAI allows businesses to segment their entire player base.

With analysing recent purchases, transaction frequency, and total spend, InfinityAI identifies distinct player groups. This segmentation facilitates highly targeted marketing campaigns tailored to each group's specific needs and preferences. 

The result is simple: more effective campaigns that resonate better with those who matter the most – players. InfinityAI allows businesses to implement these strategies in real time, along with timely and relevant interactions that maximise customer loyalty.

Wrapping it Up: Benefits of Using InfinityAI in Omnichannel Strategies

InfinityAI offers transformative advantages for omnichannel marketing strategies – including:

  • Time to value. You will experience a transformation in weeks not months, thanks to professional services, continuous innovation, and exceptional support.
  • Increased retention. Keeps players engaged and reduces churn by predicting and addressing their needs proactively.
  • Enhanced lifetime value. Predicts and maximises the financial contribution of each player over their relationship duration.
  • Stronger player relationships. Delivers personalised experiences that build loyalty and trust.
  • Ease of integration. Fits seamlessly into existing marketing systems, minimising disruption and simplifying usage. No hassle!
  • Rapid campaign deployment. Empowers marketing teams to quickly launch targeted campaigns, adapting to market dynamics in real time.

Ready to see InfinityAI in action?

Experience firsthand how InfinityAI can transform your marketing efforts into winning strategies. Don't miss out on leveraging these advanced capabilities for your business. Omnichannel marketing revolution is waiting!

Visit our website to learn more or schedule a demo today.

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