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What is InfinityAI and What it Means for Operators

Everyone is talking about AI, but understanding how it transforms industries, especially with predictive analytics, is another story. Artificial intelligence is changing how data is interpreted, predicting outcomes with remarkable accuracy, and transforming operational strategies across sectors. This includes iGaming. That’s how InfinityAI was born. What is it, and why can it be a game-changer for many iGaming operators? 

Read on to find out. 

What is InfinityAI? 

InfinityAI is the ultimate solution for predicting player behaviour, value and preferences. Our Adaptive AI technology automatically identifies the best-performing model for your unique data and use case and provides complete flexibility to customise the model on the fly for unparalleled results.

A Look at InfinityAI's USPs

InfinityAI is more than just another AI tool in the iGaming industry. Actually, it's a game-changer for operators looking to leverage artificial intelligence to its fullest potential. 

Here's what really sets InfinityAI apart:

Tailored Intelligence with Adaptive AI

With Adaptive AI, operators gain the agility to not only match AI models to their unique data but also tweak them in real-time. It’s this ability to customise that empowers operators to address very specific business needs and respond to emerging trends as they happen.

Speed Meets Accuracy with Plug & Play AI

For those who prefer straightforward solutions, the sports betting and igaming specific Plug & Play models are the answer. They offer fast time-to-value without the wait, providing a suite of ready-made models that can be deployed rapidly, ensuring that even those without a technical background can benefit from AI's insights. You’ll learn more about Plug & Play models later in the article. 

Transparency with Explainable AI (XAI)

XAI peels back the curtain on AI's decision-making process. Operators can see the 'why' and 'how' behind AI predictions, bringing a layer of transparency that instills confidence in the AI's recommendations and fosters trust in the technology. We offer transparency events for the most complex models. 

Actionable AI: Insights into Impact

Actionable AI moves beyond conventional data analysis to drive real-world actions. 

Using a Single Player View, you can launch predictive omnichannel journeys and gamification strategies in minutes. Sophisticated marketing moves simple.

Once a prediction is made, it's immediately ready in our Single Customer View. This allows you to activate the data quickly. You can build predictive segments and use them to transform basic campaigns and gamification strategies into predictive omnichannel journeys. All this is possible thanks to our unified solution.

InfinityAI's Unique Approach

InfinityAI adopts a dual approach to AI, all to simplify the complex world of predictive analytics for gaming operators.

Plug & Play is all about speed and simplicity. It’s a quick-start solution with sports betting and igaming specific pre-set AI models that address common use cases, such as predicting when players might stop playing (Churn), how valuable they could be (LTV), and how often they play and spend (RFM). It’s perfect for those without deep tech knowledge — like CRM and other marketers. They can get it up and running quickly, using a standard set of data.

Then there's Adaptive Modelling, which is a bit like having your own AI workshop. It's made for those who enjoy diving into data and moulding it to fit their needs. Tech experts, like data analysts and scientists, can get their hands on the controls, tweaking and tuning the AI models as they go. This not only allows for the use of unique data sets but also lets operators adjust the models on the spot — think adding new elements to predictions to see if they can squeeze out more accuracy on player behaviour.

Below you will find more information about both of them.

Quick Wins with Plug & Play AI

Getting started with InfinityAI’s Plug & Play is all about immediacy and impact. It's designed for action, with the goal of maximising campaign success with minimal fuss. Here's what it offers:

  • Immediate Deployment: Imagine setting up AI-driven campaigns almost as quickly as making a cup of tea. With Plug & Play, you can. It’s a straightforward setup, no advanced tech skills needed, which means you can start reaping the benefits almost instantly.

  • Personalisation Made Easy: Personal touches make all the difference. With InfinityAI, you're equipped to create bespoke offers that speak directly to your players’ preferences. Keeping the players from leaving isn't enough; the operators have to make them want to stay.

  • Understanding Player Value: The platform helps you understand the long-term value of your players. You can predict who's likely to stick around and who's likely to spend, which means you can fine-tune your bonuses and rewards to suit each player's predicted behaviour. Predict how long players will stay active, and how much they'll bet over the next 7, 30, 60, 90, and 365 days.

  • Smart Segmentation: With the RFM model, you can segment your players by their purchasing behaviours, enabling you to tailor your campaigns with precision. It’s about sending the right message, to the right players, at the right time.

Plug & Play with InfinityAI strips away the complexities of AI, freeing operators to build strong relationships with their players and make their engagements valuable. However, for those requiring more – adaptive modelling is the way to go. 

The Power of Adaptive Modelling

Adaptive Modelling in InfinityAI represents a shift from one-size-fits-all to bespoke, fine-tuned predictive analytics at scale and at pace which is hugely important in the lightning fast industry. With this, gaming operators can get detailed insights and predictions that can improve their strategies.

Crafting AI to Fit Your Needs

With Adaptive Modelling, operators are more than just recipients of data – actually, they become architects of their analytical tools. This system adapts to the operator’s needs, not the other way around. You can anticipate a player’s next move, customise offers, and even predict their gaming preferences. We give you the best model for your data.

A Palette of Predictive Models

The breadth of Adaptive Modelling is expansive. Operators can:

  • use Propensity Modelling to predict a range of behaviours from the likelihood of a player churning to their response to special offers.
  • apply Value Modelling to determine the long-term value of a player, even over the course of a year.
  • employ Forecasting to look ahead at transaction volumes or active user counts.
  • create AI Audiences for pinpoint audience segmentation so that marketing hits the mark every time.
  • launch Smart Campaigns where AI decides the optimal offer, channel, and timing for each player.
  • leverage Affinity Modelling to cross-sell and up-sell based on players’ game preferences.

Those are just a few examples, but as the name suggests, thanks to the wide selection of models, we can help operators predict almost any action, behaviour, event, and more. 

For Every Operator, A Tailored Experience

You're data-savvy? Still building your skills? Somewhere in between? 

Adaptive Modelling resembles putting operators in the driver's seat, with the levers and dials to tweak and turn the AI models in real-time. 

The result? 

  • strategies that respond dynamically to the data, 
  • campaigns that evolve as quickly as player preferences do, 
  • a marketing approach that’s as agile as it is smart.

InfinityAI: Smart Predictive Campaigns

Stop Churn Before it Starts

Churn is a silent profit-killer in iGaming. InfinityAI spots the warning signs early, giving you the chance to woo back wavering players with just the right nudge – a well-timed bonus or a personal touch that says, 'We value you.'

Custom Promos, Tuned to Player Value

Predict, then personalise. InfinityAI doesn’t just guess a player’s worth – it forecasts it. With this insight, you craft promos that hit the sweet spot, to blend what players love with what keeps them playing longer.

Smart predictive campaigns are what drive player retention. With InfinityAI, you’re not just playing the game – you’re staying ahead of it.

Transforming Game Play into Gain

Boosting Player Retention and Loyalty

A player saved is a profit earned. 

InfinityAI isn't just about keeping players on board; it’s about making them feel at home. With its predictive prowess, operators can anticipate player needs, ensuring that every interaction is an invitation to stay, play, and enjoy. Loyalty is the name of the game. 

Revenue on the Rise

With every player interaction fine-tuned to their predicted preferences and behaviours, the chance of them placing that next bet increases. InfinityAI turns data into dollars, aligning player satisfaction with the bottom line. What does it bring? A healthier revenue stream that flows from the smart application of AI insights.

Seamless Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Craft upsells that feel less like sales pitches and more like upgrades to the player experience. InfinityAI's predictive models allow operators to pinpoint the perfect moment and offer for upselling, so that players feel they're getting value, not just a sales talk. It can also support recommending related games based on affinity prediction.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Instead of casting a wide net, InfinityAI enables precision-targeted marketing campaigns, which means less waste on ineffective promotions and more investment in what works. This not only saves money but also increases the campaign ROI.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With the granular insights provided by InfinityAI, operators can make informed decisions that are backed by data. It reduces guesswork and makes the strategy more responsive to actual player behaviour and industry trends.


InfinityAI shapes the future of gaming with its adaptive, bespoke AI solutions. It supports retention, improves revenue, optimises upselling, and sharpens marketing – all while streamlining costs and decisions.

Looking ahead, InfinityAI is set to dictate gaming industry trends, transforming data into unmatched player experiences.

Discover the difference it could make for your iGaming operations. For more insights or to request a demo, contact us today. Your players are waiting. What's your next move?

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