There are now about 380 days until GDPR is ‘the new reality’ and becomes law across the EU Member States. Companies are carefully reviewing the legislation, working to understand what GDPR will mean for them as Data Controllers, Data Processors, or in some circumstances both.

In this article – I’ll talk in practical terms considering the implications of the GDPR legislation and the changes that it will bring with it.

It’s May 2017, and your company is building a strategy for growth, looking to acquire new customers, and ride the wave of digital. You want to drive New Business through Digital Channels and to communicate to customers through emails, e-zines, push notifications, and so on. So how are you going about this, and what will change in May 2018, with GDPR legislation in place?

Below I have outlined a number of specific GDPR themes and considerations, describing what happens in today’s world, followed by the changes and considerations that GDPR will bring.

Xtremepush – How our platform can help ensure your GDPR compliance

We have added a new module to our platform, specifically to cater for Customer Consent Management and Customer Data Management in the broader sense (with GDPR Privacy, Customer Consent, and Security built into to the module by design).

Key GDPR features of our platform include

  • Enterprise Grade security controls and data encryption (multiple external security tests passed)
  • Customer Consent Management Module enabling real-time exclusion of Customer data across multiple channels, with an ability to manage Customer Consent not just at an individual level but also at a segment or group level if required.
  • The platform has an inbuilt Real-Time Auditing Capability to report on Consent and PII data protection components.
  • The right to be forgotten is enabled through the Customer Consent Management Module
  • Our Agile Platform (cloud or on premise ) has been built with data protection and privacy rights at its core by design.

The architecture, controls and real-time auditing capabilities ensure that Xtremepush are perfectly positioned to manage your GDPR data protection, consent, security and right to be forgotten requirements, via a powerful, secure and resilient platform.

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