In recent years, there have been extraordinary changes in the purchase of travel and transport services, from consumer habits to the channels utilised. This has led to the role of traditional travel providers, from airlines to travel agencies to utility transport companies, been dramatically changed.

Digital services have become the preferred consumer choice in the travel industry with airline websites & apps, aggregators like Skyscanner, and Online Travel Agents such as offering many benefits to the Consumer; be it on price, convenience or best-fit option to suit a given itinerary.

The use of smart, sophisticated algorithms has led to online travel agents providing Consumer Experiences based on past travel habits, and successful retargeting via social channels for example. Indeed the success of Airbnb in removing friction and connecting consumers with property owners and their inventory of available rooms to rent has been simply extraordinary.

It is hard to fathom that the days of triplicate carbon copy airline tickets, which were still prevalent a mere 10 years ago are but a distant memory.

GDPR Insights for Travel Industry

We live in a world where every travel business handles personal data including consumer, staff, and supplier information. Data is at the absolute core of travel services in 2017 across the Globe. So what will the implementation of GDPR mean for the travel industry?

Key Insights and Considerations

How Xtremepush enables GDPR Compliance for the Travel & Travel Industry

At Xtremepush, we are working with a number of leading brands in the travel and transport industry. We have enabled a new module to our platform, specifically to cater for Customer Consent Management and Customer Data Management (with GDPR Privacy, Customer Consent and Security built into to the module by design).

Key Xtremepush GDPR Features most relevant to the Travel & Transport industry include

  • Customer Consent Management Module enabling real-time exclusion of customer data across multiple channels, with an ability to manage Customer Consent not just at an individual level but also at a segment or group level if required. This is critical for companies who proactively engage their customer base via email or other digital channels e.g for discounts, actionable discount offers for hotel rooms.
  • Enterprise Grade security controls and data encryption (multiple external security tests passed). Our rigorous security and controls ensure that You and Your Customers data is not compromised.
  • The platform has an inbuilt Real-Time Auditing Capability to report on Consent and PII data protection components – given the vast quantities of Personal Information held by providers across the travel industry, this is of paramount importance.
  • The right to be forgotten is enabled through the Customer Consent Management Module. You can be assured that on Customer request, we will eradicate ALL Customer records held on the platform in a safe and transparent manner.
  • Our Agile Platform (cloud or on premise ) has been built with data protection and privacy rights at its core by design.

The architecture, controls and real-time auditing capabilities ensure that Xtremepush is perfectly positioned to manage your GDPR data protection, consent, security and right to be forgotten requirements, via a powerful, secure and resilient platform.

If you’d like to learn more about the safe collection and usage of customer, and how the Xtremepush platform manages this, contact us today.

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