Engaging with eCommerce Customers in the post-pandemic Loyalty Vacuum

Discover how customer experience and personalised engagement is the key to retaining customers and growing revenue.

eCommerce event

CHQ – Custom House Quay

The Liffey Corner Room

D01 KF84 Dublin 1


05 MAY 2022 | THURSDAY

2:00 PM – 5:30 PM 


Why Attend?

The pandemic caused the eCommerce industry to grow globally by 2% between 2019 and 2020, representing an additional $570 billion in additional revenue.

It also increased competition, accelerated the supply chain crisis and drove cost prices up. It also made it harder to keep customers. According to a mid-2021 survey conducted by eMarketer, 80% of consumers were buying different brands, either because of price (65%) or because of stock issues (51%).

As with the supply chain crisis, the pandemic accelerated the biggest challenge facing the eCommerce industry in the post-Covid era: the loyalty vacuum.

Customers are looking for a connection so in the absence of one will shop where it’s cheapest. This forces eCommerce businesses to fill the void with new customers, driving up the cost of acquisition, and cutting into already shrinking margins.

To win in the post-Covid eCommerce market you need to engage with your audience and foster a personalised customer experience.


Join Xtremepush and a panel of experts to understand how engagement is the key to differentiating your business, retaining customers and growing in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Briain Curtin - Event

Briain Curtin

VP International Marketing at WHOOP

Sinead Quish

Head of Consumer and Digital Marketing at Dublin Airport

Aaron O'Grady

Aaron O’Grady

Founder of BuddaLife

James Lenehan

Ceo of  Gifty & WIN|WIN

Will Hansen

Business Development Manager at Xtremepush

Mark Quinn

Head of Customer Growth and Business Development at Xtremepush

Ross O’Connor

Director of Account Management at Xtremepush