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The Days of Hitting and Hoping as a Marketeer are Gone

We are living in a mobile world, that is now a well established fact. Facebook, who just opened their first office in Africa, revealed that 80% of their users access their platform through mobile. Mobile is where we search directions, play games, chat, find partners, email, phone, shop, search, learn and much more. Along with that fact, time has become extremely precious as multitasking has increased dramatically. So battling for customers mind space,  even when they have shown intent to do something previously has become an ever increasing problem for global brands.


Where is this problem most persistent? Mobile.


It is constantly on and constantly with us 24/7. While this represents a major challenges for brands in the sport, media, retail, and financial institutions market verticals it also represents a huge opportunity for these brands.

I asked an intern last week when was the last time he turned on the TV at home and he told me 2 days ago. I asked him immediately afterwards when was the last time he turned his phone off and he told me never!!!

We are constantly browsing, researching, reading, intending to do something and purchasing on the mobile. So how can brands take the “Hope Factor” out of mobile marketing and  “relevantly target” consumers, keeping them focused on finishing what they started.


The answer is to firstly understand your users behaviour.


Evaluate what is important to them and more importantly what is not. Getting this wrong can cost the organisation a lot of money and tarnish the brand equity!!

Once you understand your users “intent to do something” the ability to relevantly communicate with them with the right content, at the right time and in the right place becomes hugely compelling both to the brand and consumer as their is a clear value exchange created between both.

Take for example somebody who was 90% of the way through their user journey to buy flight tickets to New York in August but at the last moment they got distracted by a call and never completed that path to purchase.

Or a prospective mortgage applicant who got stuck half way through a mobile application form and after 5 days still hasn’t come back. In these very common situations, how can brands analyse, segment, and engage these users?

This is the very large problem that XtremePush solves.


We have developed a complete End to End Mobile Marketing Cloud Stack.This means a brand does not need to work with a host of separate solution providers for the different tools they need such as Analytics, Attribution, Geo / iBeacon, A/B Testing, Profiling, Engagement and Conversions. We have this all in one SDK which a brand can hugely benefit from using.  We help brand marketeers make evidence based decisions to drive their brand equity and revenue lines and take the Hitting and Hoping out of the marketing equation.  We work closely with our enterprise clients to produce remarkable ROI results for them.
If you are a marketeer and would like to understand how you can achieve these results and highten ROI for your mobile channel, please reach out to me or any of the XtremePush team and we would be happy to help and more importantly add value to your Organisation.

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