You can attract and make your audience stay with your brand if you put some effort into your marketing strategy. And “some effort” could be real-time engagement. Even though the real-time approach seems to be a lot of work, it does not absorb that many resources as some may think.

Real-time customer engagement is one of your target market’s most powerful communication methods. But not only this! It’s the future of how brands will interact with customers. 

Do you want to learn more about what it is exactly and what to do to engage customers effortlessly and effectively at the same time? Off we go, then.

What is real-time customer engagement?

Real-time customer engagement is reacting to their actions like questions and concerns as soon as they come up. You give your customers the support, the answers, and the personalized experience, right when they need it, with no delays.

Real-time vs. traditional customer interaction

It’s not that one of them is better than the other. In different contexts, both forms of customer interaction work great. 

The main difference is speed – real-time engagement (RTE) is lightning-fast, while traditional may take time (but it’s not always the case). 

The real-time one is perfect for urgent issues. Customers appreciate this convenience, and it’s like serving a customer in person at a brick-and-mortar store. In the digital industry, traditional customer engagement works excellently in dealing with complex matters where careful attention and detailed responses are required. So it may take some time to react.

If you want to provide superb customer assistance, do your best to offer your customers both options. 

Is real-time engagement the future of customer interaction?

Yes! Many businesses decide to include real-time customer engagement as one of the main communication approaches. And it’s clearly noticeable in the chatbot market – it is growing. Brands implement it to serve their customers at night and day. 

And that’s a good move, as customers value quick reactions from their favorite companies.

💡 Did you know that 20% of buyers in the United States participated in video-streaming shopping events? This statistic may show people’s interest in real-time customer engagement. 

Don’t roll up your sleeves too soon. You can automate real-time customer engagement using only one tool. And it doesn’t involve showing your items via live video streaming (actually, it requires the minimum of your participation). 

Let’s look at the benefits of connecting with your audience now, and then we’ll talk about the tool.

Benefits of real-time engagement

#1 Great customer experience

Having all the questions answered on the spot makes customer experience rates go high. Besides, what would you say about real-time engagement and personalized approach? It’s a powerful combo. 💪🏻

Tailoring responses and recommendations to each customer’s needs would be of great value. Thanks to deep analysis of your visitors, giving them personalized answers is just a breeze.

#2 Happy customers that come back

Instant and personalized support makes visitors feel well cared for. And they’ll probably keep coming back for more because they know they’re in good hands. 

And that is why engaging users in real-time is considered the future of customer interaction. It just works. 

#3 Feedback on the spot 

Feedback allows you to improve your services and products continuously. You can see what works and what needs some improvement. Listen to customer comments and opinions to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your audiences. It’s like meeting your customers in person and finding out what they think.

When using a robust tool for real-time customer engagement, you can track key metrics of your targeted campaigns if you run any. At Xtremepush, monitor click-through rate, cost-per-click, views, and other metrics connected to a customer’s action.

#4 Deeper personal connections with users

Sending your audience personalized messages and engaging them in real-time helps to build relationships. Show your audience your thoughtfulness – send them content they might want to get, like helpful onboarding info after they log in to a new app.

#5 Boosted revenue

Real-time customer engagement boosts prospects’ confidence in the brand and may lead to repeat purchases. Also, with targeted campaigns displaying products that your target audience enjoys, it’s very possible that they will indulge in a little shopping.

Strategies for effective real-time engagement

AI automation

Chatbots and virtual assistants are excellent as real-time engagement tools. Some, like Xtremepush, are backed up with AI technology. Businesses can efficiently tackle high volumes of customer queries and provide quick answers. They can all be personalized as well. 

➡️ See how you can engage customers with AI chatbots.

Data-driven decision-making

Xtremepush lets you track users across various devices, offering you a single customer view. You’ll see all the necessary data in one place and deliver even more personalized real-time engagement. 

Create segments based on age, location, or online behavior like pages viewed, shopping history, and more – you set the rules here. 

Keeping the balance between automation and human interaction

Engaging customers in real-time may involve agents, but it also might be fully automated. However, you never know what visitors need more at a particular moment. 

Maybe this time, they opt to get connected with an agent. So, it’s better to provide alternative channels. Then, visitors can connect through RTE technology the way they prefer and need.

Use multiple channels

If you want to follow your audience, relying only on one or two channels is not the best idea. This approach limits your ability to reach out to your audience where they are most active. Luckily, Xtremepush lets businesses reach users on every channel and device from a single dashboard. 

Also, take care of your social media presence. It’s also one of the most important real-time interactions and engagement channels.

Use Xtremepush for real-time engagement 

Xtremepush is an all-in-one tool for enhancing engagement efforts. And it helps connect with customers in real-time as well. See what tools it can bring to your business. 

Conversational AI chatbot

Having a conversational AI chatbot in your tool stack empowers you to provide a truly engaging experience. A chatbot’s natural language processing capability enables it to tailor responses according to the context of the conversation. It’s automated content delivery.

FAQ knowledge-base self-service

It brings a balance for automated real-time engagement. FAQ and knowledge base might also be a complementary resources for fully automated chatbots. Many people try to find information on a website before asking for help, so the FAQ section might be helpful here.

Location triggers

Send a push notification to app users who are near the partner location. That’s a great way to engage in real-time, isn’t it? With geofencing and iBeacon technology, sending promotional content happens automatically every time a visitor hits the spot.


Xtremerepush is a standalone platform that provides businesses with everything they need to connect with their audience. With the software’s channel capabilities, you can connect with your audience via: 

  • email 
  • SMS
  • web push
  • web pop-up
  • web inbox
  • app push
  • in-app messages
  • app inbox

That’s a lot! Keeping in touch will be easier than ever before.

real time engagement

Provide contextually relevant interactions in real-time today

Connect with your target audience at the right time and improve customer retention. Keep them engaged with personalized content whenever they need it. 

The good news here – you don’t need thousands of tools and apps to make your marketing efforts work. Xtremepush handles it all. Contact us to learn more!

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