Interactive Push Notifications are becoming more popular and sophisticated than ever before. Here we take a look at what Interactive Push Notifications are, why businesses should use them and introduce a number of innovative business use cases which are currently live across a number of different verticals.

What are Interactive Push Notifications?

Interactive Push Notifications are Push Notifications and Web Push Notifications that include buttons for secondary, complementary actions that will allow your users to interact with notifications from outside of an app or website. They can be used to drive users to

  • Take immediate, specific action
  • Make decisions or choices
  • Express preferences

Business Use Cases ideas for Interactive Push Notifications

The Xtremepush team are always working on new, innovative business use cases for our clients. We have been implementing these use cases across a number of different verticals in the last few months and our clients are starting to see great results. 

See some of our latest use cases here:

Why use Interactive Push Notifications?

Interactive Push Notifications allow users to interact with the message without entering the website or opening the app. Mobile app development companies are always working on advancing these notifications trying to make them more flexible and easily accessible.

Interactive Push Notifications enable enterprise brands to:

  • Provide flexibility and ease of access to their users
  • Provide a seamless experience and enhance the customer journey
  • Enable user to be more responsive to Interactive Push Notifications

To find out more about Interactive Push Notifications and how your enterprise brand could best use them, get in touch with the Xtremepush team today.