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Web Push in Safari and iOS – What you Need to Know

The new iOS update includes amongst other things, the mandatory new emojis. Lucky users will get no less than 21 extra emojis when they upgrade to iOS 16.4. But the most interesting change for marketers is the ability to (finally) utilise web push notifications in Safari. So When a user adds a website to the home screen as an app, they can receive web push notifications. 

Because any website can be added to an iPhone or iPad as an app through a web app shortcut, businesses can significantly increase their customer engagement via web push notifications.

We’ve put together a simple guide of what you need to know about what this change can mean for your business.

Click the image to download a PDF version.


To learn more about how you can leverage push notifications and web push to engage with your audience, get in touch to request a demo of our omnichannel customer engagement platform with built-in CDP.

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