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Top Ten Irish Apps in 2014

Irish Apps have come a long way. Four years ago the top ten favourite Irish Apps as announced by joe.ie in 2011, included a Carlow Weather App. According to the reviews of the App “We’ve never seen a weather app with such a distinctive focus on one particular area, especially Carlow.”

The TV3 App came in at number seven in 2011, sadly it is no longer in the top ten. The App came with a price tag and to no surprise it changed it’s pricing to free in order to adapt to App market expectations. At the time there was little belief that RTE would develop the RTE player app, however, an RTE player app was in fact introduced and has gained momentum coming in at number 6 below in the Top Ten Irish Apps, along with RTE news now at number five.

Interestingly the Journal.ie which was also a free App came in at number three. Four years later the App ranks as number two in the list. The Journal was referred to as the best Irish news App and was patted on the back for being absolutely free to the consumer. It is nice to see it has grown in popularity.

Below are the Top Ten Irish Apps in 2014:

1. DoneDeal
DoneDeal is Ireland’s largest buying and selling website. The app allows you to browse sections including cars, houses, clothing and electronic equipment and find the bargain that you are looking for from the palm of your hand. Features include filtering ads by location, section and price, sharing adverts on social media and saving favourites for late.

2. TheJournal.ie
The Journal.ie App provides users with up-to-date-minute breaking news, all day, and every day. Some of the Features include poll voting, commentary on stories and searching for topics or specific articles. As already mentioned above the Journal is growing from strength to strength.

3. AIB Mobile
The AIB Mobile Banking App allows you to access a wide range of convenient features from your mobile device. They recently launched a new smartphone app, Me2U that allows person-to-person (phone-to-phone) payments. The idea is to make sending money to people as easy as texting.

4. Daft.ie
The Daft.ie App allow you to search Ireland’s largest property website. Some of the features include; searching where you can search through 100,000 properties across Ireland, Finding where you can get directions to a property based on your current locations, saving and synching where you can save properties that are of interest and use a nearby search feature where it will show properties near to you.

5. RTÉ News Now
The RTE News Now App offers all the latest national and international headlines, top stories, latest sports results and much more. You can personalise your news feeds and browse offline and save stories to read later.

6. RTÉ Player
The RTE Player App allows you to watch and catch up on a wide selection of programmes broadcast on RTE Television. Some of the features include social sharing buttons, saving programmes as favourites and picking up where you left off.

7. Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking
The Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking App is designed to help you perform your banking ‘on the go’ and in a way that is convenient for you. The App has added a new feature ‘Mobile Top Up’ where users have the ability to top up their own/family/friends prepay mobile phones with credit.

8. Adverts.ie
The Adverts.ie App allows you to grab a bargain across every type of category imaginable. Sellers can receive instant notifications about ads, buy credits using PayPal and respond to offers on an ad. Similarly buyers can receive notifications on ads they are watching, access their wish list and pay quickly ad securely using the Buy Now buttons on Shops’ ads.

9. Dublin Bus
The Dublin Bus App is something that we at XtremePush or the general public in Dublin city could not live without. The utility of the App is that it stops you being too early for that bus or too late, and allows you to arrive at the right time. The App provides real time information for all 5,000 bus stops and shelters in the Dublin Bus network. You can follow the bus in real time on a map and save your favourite bus stops.

10. Aldi Ireland
The Aldi Ireland App lets you receive the latest offers and locate your local Aldi store. Menu features include Special Buys, shopping lists and store locator.

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