Owning the moment is key to the success of mobile apps going forward. These everyday moments are meaningful actions that carry powerful emotion and a sense of accomplishment. Consumers are naturally happy in these moments, and there are literally billions of them occurring on mobile.

Trend reports show an interesting tipping point with consumers more likely to “check out” information that’s related to their current location rather than share or “check in” with their current status. A recent smartphone shopper survey revealed that 77 percent of respondents would be willing to share their location information if there was enough value in return.

Location based marketing is a powerful mobile marketing solution which enables you to target your customers in real-time when they are close to the point of purchase. When the customer enters a geo-fence they are eligible to receive targeted notifications direct to their phones; connecting them to brands and products they love, at an extremely relevant time and place.  Location-based mobile marketing can track their target audience and collect valuable data. It can even get as precise as aiding in behavioral demographics, making it much easier to know which sorts of campaigns to launch in any given area.

Here at Xtremepush we have identified several brands using geo fences and iBeacons in marketing campaigns:

1) Meat Pack “Hijacking Store Campaign”

We have all been there, you pass by a 70 percent off stock sign (well “up to”) and you pass it by. You can always come back right…. Well not for Sneakers brand Meat Pack who decided to let the customer name their discount,  from a range of 100 percent off to 1 percent off, using a one minute count-down notification from their app.  Meat Pack, a Sneaker retailer in Guetemala, which sells popular brands such as Nike and Adidas, felt that “SALE” is old fashioned so they ran a campaign during the release of their mobile app, whose aim was to capture and engage the customer during moments of impulse (they literally grabbed the customer from competitive stores that they were browsing) this was capable due to the mobile apps geo fencing technology that could recognise their app users entering a competitors’ store. This location based mobile marketing campaign leveraged context and behavior, getting the customer at the right time and at the right place; more than 600 customers were stolen from competitors.

Meat Pack Hijacking a customer

A customer chasing their discount

2.) Faberge “New York Big Egg leverages Beacons and Mobile Apps”

Faberge are currently running a fundraising campaign using sculptures created by well-known artists and fashion brands as part of a charitable Easter egg hunt. The company’s iBeacon/bluetooth beacons are installed in 275 egg sculptures, the scope of the campaign is huge as it allows hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to compete simultaneously. The participants in the egg hunt are encouraged to download Faberge’s app with consumers to “check in” when they find an egg where they can then bid for it.

Faberge Easter Beacons

Faberge’s Mobile Phone App

3.) Taco Bell “taco bell happy hour promotion”

Taco Bell ran a mobile geo fence based campaign “taco bell happy hour promotion” which featured a proximity alert element and a “remind me at 2PM” feature for an effective one-two promo punch. The campaign involved sending coupons and deals through alerts; for instance the customer is near a store, they receive a coupon notification, in order for this to work customers had to download the app. Taco Bell sent mobile incentives through The New York Times’ iPhone app for its successful “Happier Hour” campaign.

Taco Bells Happy Hour

Taco Bells 2 pm reminder

4.) Hailo Taxi “Hailo Dublin Web Summit Campaign”

Hailo is a Taxi App that makes hailing a taxi easier and more efficient. It’s aim is to revolutionise the taxi industry making taxis readily available in using geo-location and smartphones to deliver a social cab service in real-time, from the ordering of your cab to reaching your destination. The Hailo App ran a campaign on Twitter during the International Web Summit in Dublin in October 2013, the campaign specifically targeted web summit attendees by using trending topics in Ireland on Twitter #websummit. The campaign incorporated a call to action for people to download their app and avail of a 10euro money off  voucher for their next taxi fair with Hailo taxis.

Hailo Tweet

Hailo Tweet during the Dublin Web Summit

In essence place the message in the hands of the customer when they are in a competitors store “100 seconds to receive a coupon off sneakers”, no time like the present right… ,in the right location , targeted to them in a timely and relevant way cutting through the clutter. Of course catching the consumer when they are in a good mood is always a plus, if they feel like chasing Easter eggs stuffed with iBeacons in New York City or catching a Hailo cab in Dublin…