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Brands effectively using Push Notifications

Following on from our previous blog post on popular brands getting on the Snapchat brandwagon including Tacobell, 16 Handles and McDonalds we’ve looked more at how brands effectively use push notifications. Take the example of a Burrito bar who has their own mobile app, the consumer downloads their app and opts in for push messaging. The brand in question could deliver targeted and contextualized notifications to drive footfall. The vegetarians could be targeted also for a vegetarian burrito special, meat eaters are targeted with the new pulled pork special and customers who come at lunch time on Mondays get a special reward etc….

Push messaging plays a role in providing the kind of personalized experience that has the ability to create intense bonding between the users and their app. The key benefit they provide is a sense of urgency to open the app once users receive a push message, if it’s a valuable notification what some people call ‘good push’ then it will reinforce the value of the brand on that persons device and heighten the retention level.

Here at Xtremepush we have identified some good examples:

1. Murphy’s App ‘When It Rains It Pours’

Murphys were trying to increase brand awareness. They built a campaign app during the summer so that when it rained (in Ireland this wouldn’t work during the winter as it rains nearly everyday!) a push notification would be sent to alert the user they could claim a free pint! Who wouldn’t like that notification? 1000 pints were redeemable from when it started raining.

The ‘When It Rains It Pours’ app has been downloaded by nearly 20,000 smartphone users to date allowing users to claim one of the 1000 free pints each time it rains. Unfortunately although we got stuck in a shower or ten throughout the summer months, we were not not able to claim a free pint, however it certainly provided a nice sentiment from the brand.

Blog 5f                               Murphys when it rains map

2. CleverCards

CleverCards by Cleverbug is an app that is conjoined with Facebook and it allows customers to send meaningful cards to anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes. The mobile app itself sends out push messages in the the likely or unlikely event that you forget a loved ones birthday or a special occasion. Lets face it human beings are prone to forgetfulness particularly on anniversaries. With mothers day coming up this Sunday and many of their children abroad, a push message from Clevercards reminding them of that important occasion would be ideal and a personalised push notification. mothers day eCard could be designed and delivered within the early hours of Sunday morning to all those Irish Mammys, those in Australia have a distinct advantage ofcourse.

Cleverbug                               Clevercard push

 3. Jobbio

The app is based on the digital CV phenomenon where jobseekers can apply for jobs at the touch of a button on their mobile. Users can receive push messages from companies that are targeted to them. As stated by the CEO of Jobbio Stephen QuinnOnce a brand has identified talent that they want to talk to a push notification is sent to that user. The brand and talent are instantly engaged and can move along the hiring process”.
Jobbio app                                 jobbio

 4. Leinster Rugby 

The Leinster Rugby official iPhone app brings you all the latest news and information including Breaking news, Fixtures, Results, Leinster Video’s, picture galleries, Squad profiles and a Location based map. Their push notifications can connect with their app users so that when they enter geo-fenced stadiums they can encourage the user to interact with their app to vote in their latest poll or to enter a competition to win tickets to the next game. In the push message below it informs the user of the app of channels to watch the Leinster match.

Leinster rugby                                Leinster rugby

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