Last week, Xtremepush launched the first video of a new four-part business use case series. The first video was an Onboarding Use Case example for Retail Banks. This video showcased how digital interventions, at key drop-off points, can ensure your new digital user successfully completes the Onboarding journey

Watch the first Xtremepush Use Case Series video here.

Use Case Series: Educating your User

In part two of our Use Case Series, we look at how best to educate your user on new features and products now available to them. In this video, Xtremepush demonstrates how to engage an app user and notify them of a new product feature available to them.


For this Use Case, we focused on the travel industry but this use case is currently live across a number of different verticals.  

The next use case video in this series will be available next Thursday, on the Xtremepush YouTube channel, which will look at how Online Basket Recovery can be achieved in the Sports Betting and Gaming Industry in one frictionless step.

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