For the past two weeks, Xtremepush have been bringing you videos from their new four-part business use case series. This weeks video showcases how online cart recovery can be achieved in the Sports Betting and Gaming Industry in one effortless step.

In this example, the user has already made their selections and added them to Bet Slip but did not place the bet and has now left the site.  This particular video demonstrates how you can re-engage your online user with highly-intelligent Web Push notifications.

No matter how big or small your business is your customers are the most important factor to you. Re-engaging your customer is a vital step as the more you engage with them, the more loyal they will become to your brand. Web Push is a great channel to re-engage your customers as you can deliver instant personalised push notifications to your web users both on and off your website. Web Push has proven to boost shopping cart recovery and increase customer retention.

The final use case series video will be available next Thursday, on the Xtremepush YouTube channel, which will look at how to re-engage web and app users who have abandoned their shopping cart with personalised messaging.

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Catch up on all the videos from our use case series below: