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The Xtremepush Use Case Series: Onboarding your user

Xtremepush launched the first video of a new four-part business use case series. The main goal of this series is to demonstrate how best to use the Xtremepush platform to increase engagement, reduce costs and drive revenue.

The first video is an Onboarding Use Case example for retail banks. Onboarding your digital customer is a vital step in the user journey. By using the Xtremepush platform you can engage your customer with digital interventions to help them complete the registration process. In this video, you will see how easy it is to set-up campaigns on the Xtremepush platform and how they deliver to the consumer.

This Onboarding Use Case is live across a number of international retail banks and also across a number of different verticals.

The next use case video will be available next Thursday, on our YouTube channel, which will look at educating the digital user on new product features.

Xtremepush and TBC Bank

Check out our client case study with TBC Bank, and discover how Xtremepush’s powerful proximity-targeting solution enabled TBC Bank to engage with their customers in-branch and promote their online services.

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